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  1. Sorry, I did have the price listed. Maybe it hasn't updated yet. I'm asking $5,900 OBO. I bought it in 2012 and have not used it a lot. I'm using my domestic for heirloom quilting because: 1-They are smaller wall hangings 2-I feel I can get a better look at what I'm doing. I think George & I aren't right for each other. Also, I'm including several unused bobbins and bobbin cases and an open toe foot as well. Hope this helps.
  2. George is for sale and needs someone to spend more time with him. He was purchased from APQS in 2012. I have been doing a lot of heirloom quilting with my domestic and don't use George. REDUCED $5,000 obo INCLUDED: -Fully adjustable table -11 bobbins -4 bobbin cases -2 bobbin case springs -open toed foot which includes regular foot as well -(2) horizontal thread holders that install on top -Simplicity Side Bobbin winder portable (used 2 times) -original box to easily mail to you -Serviced in 2014, so it's good to go to you. I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
  3. Thanks everyone-how nice of you say these words of encouragement! If you're interested in my pattern, please email me.
  4. Thanks a lot! This pattern, "Clover Sunshine" is listed on www.quiltwoman.com. It's listed under my name, Anne Marcellis. I came up with a very very easy & more accurate way of making tons of half-square-triangles.
  5. I just finished designing, piecing and quilting this on my George. I guess I like variety in free motion. This was a lot of fun to quilt. I don't know how good the pictures are, though.
  6. I have several Superior pre-filled bobbins and find they are getting very tangled & messy in my drawer. Does anyone have a suggestion how to best store these so I don't have to spend so much time detangling and cutting thread?
  7. Yes, I finally realized my high efficiency washing machine was the problem. I then soaked the quilt in the bath tub, air dried it & had the same results. I made the quilt as well as quilted it quite heavily. I used the foundation paper method for the entire quilt because I used Electric Quilt and found I needed to cut measurements like 2 3/16". Some of the foundation paper was tear away, which I did tear out. Some was wash away, which was impossible to tear. Some was "leave in". I don't know which of the last 2 were the problem. I finally gave the quilt to my customer. She didn't think it was a problem & loves it. -maybe because she doesn't know anything about quilts??? I don't know, but I'm relieved she's very pleased with it. Don't you hate to learn from your mistakes? Note to self: ALWAYS USE TEAR AWAY PAPER!!!!
  8. HELP!! I just finished quilting a quilt for a customer and used foundation paper that was ok to leave in. I've washed it 3x leaving the triangles wrinkly, stiff & sounding like paper still underneath. Does anybody have any suggestions. There is no softness in the quilt either. Thanks for any advice
  9. I like the suttle way you chose the patterns but don't overpower the central flowers. Very tasteful! Anne
  10. BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your advise. The biggest thanks goes to Dawn for spending time, patiently, helping me get in touch with George and establish control over him. She certainly is a fountain of knowledge and now I feel empowered! Thanks again! Anne
  11. Thanks everyone for your input-result-guess I don't know-guess it's whatever you feel like. ha ha Anne
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