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  1. Thanks for this input. I know that these T-shirt quilts are waaay too big for me to handle. I just try to get in all or most of the shirts that the customer brings me. Most turn out to be Queen-King size. Too big! If no one jumps on buying this & when I get the border on the quilt I'm fighting with I will put on a 40x40 & practice 'til I'm sick just to see if it could be the enormousity of the T-shirts that is so frustrating to me. I really would like for this to work for me, but I'll just calm down & see. Thanks again!
  2. Well, APQS, P= Professional. I've also viewed some attached pics. They are very pretty, not like mine. My quilts look like I've struggled. I'm sure the 2 I've made are & 1 already gone to non-sewers, so they cannot see all the errors that I see. By the way, these are T-shirt quilts I've had the most trouble with too. I might just have to put some practice fabics on & play around. I'm still going to sell it though. It has made me cry & that is NOT what quilting is all about. Thanks for your responses. The quilt is waiting for me to take it off the rollers & I have a lot of tweaking to do......with a regular machine.
  3. This is why I don't think machine quilting is for me. I'm in the 'Professional' web site. I am just so desperate to get this quilt done & sell this machine. I just called the company & they are going to help me post it for sale. Can I post it on this web site? Just asking. LOL Remember I don't know what I'm doing....
  4. I would love to correspond with other KQ 622 owners here. I have sooo much trouble getting this machine to do what I want, I'm thinking of selling it. I really do not think machine quilting is for me. Can anyone help me?