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  1. I have a Quiltazoid but am looking for boards if anyone is willing to sale some individual boards? I especially like the "Regal" Tracing Template.
  2. Linda, How do you find the top tension by feel? (Grrr spell check)
  3. Linda, Ghost do you find the top tension by feel?
  4. Those are beautiful! I could see the two middle ones as backgrounds for banners:) My son, also is a UAF grad. PhyllisH
  5. I received a set of Red Snappers for Christmas. While watching the video instructions online, Renea mentions squaring the leaders before sewing the casing. I have not been able to find squaring instructions, so am waiting for a $5.00 DVD; somehow missed on the order. Hopefully all the info I need is on the DVD otherwise... does anyone know where I could find this information? Also, while researching the topic, some say to press the hem onto the leaders and others say that the iron and/or steam would shrink or warp the leaders. I have a Millenium and felt I'd wait and ask you all for advice.
  6. Nice to meet you all. Sorry it's taken awhile to reply, Lisa, I injured my head & have been out of it for awhile. A little about myself: I am a retired teacher. I was taught to sew at a young age but never actually quilted until now. I currently quilt for myself and friends. I may generate a business but am not ready for the stress that could come with it. I started by piecing my own quilts figuring that if I could quilt my rooky quilts... I'd have great practice if I attempt customer quilts. This put me in piecing land for a few months which I enjoyed immensely. So far I've pieced a
  7. PS: I'd like to sign up for those classes:)
  8. Wow And I was proud of my ten:) "I think I can... I think I can... I think I can..."
  9. Stepping off the side lines and finally joining the forum:) Ive had my Millie about a year and half now... I've been observing from a distance and met some of you at MQX...I admire all of you and have learned so much on this forum; Thank you. I too would like to sing praise for Barb M as she has spent a lot of time with me. She literally went "the extra mile(s)"; set my machine up and resolved a mirage of small issues that we're equating to a "perfect storm." She set me up, walked me through basics and encouraged me to go for it!!!! Thanks sooooo much! I'm having a GREAT time:) Phyl
  10. A dear friend requested a quilt for her wedding. She would like to display parts of it at her reception and have blocks or future fabric pieces available for guests to sign...guest book style. I'm new at this and wanted to throw the idea out there to you professionals. I'd like the signature to last without damaging the rest of the quilt...any ideas or marking utensil suggestions?
  11. Thanks, Ladies, for the info. What exactly is piano Keys?"