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  1. My biggest problem so far with my longarm business is trying to fine companys that want to work small. I am unable to fullfill large dollar amount requirements to get wholesale prices with some companys. I like having batting and thread so my customer doen't have to search for it. and if I pick it out I have product I like to work with. Shirley
  2. I was at a guild meet last night and saw some quilts that had stitching done with Wonderfil thread. Has anyone used this brand and if so who might sell it wholesale? Have you had any problems? I am alway looking for a good accent thread to add just a little more interest to my quilting. Shirley:)
  3. Thanks, that helps a lot. It sounds like I can just move forward on this quilt. That fusible stuff had me a little scared. Shirley
  4. I was wondering how you deal with fusible applique? Do you stitch over or just around it? I have a quilt that has several blocks that are fused, like 70% of the block is fusible applique. I'm a little worried about stitching these areas. can I stitch through them? I really could use your help I'm afraid of leaving big holes that will look bad. Shirley
  5. Those are great ideas, I could see a tissue paper like product might elimimate the grab on the t-shirt. This quilt was suppose to be my easy project after having just finished a big quilt. So much for my thinking. I have been learning something on every quilt I quilt. It has been fun. Shirley
  6. Thanks Lynn I needed your encouraging words. I took the night off and thought about my problem. I will raise the hopping foot tonight and see what I come up with. I am not wrong in thinking its OK to stitch through the t-shirts am I? I just can't be frogging them anymore. Or I'll have to buy a really cool patch for the customer to put in that spot. Shirley
  7. Thank you for the great information, the quilt does have sashing around each t-shirt. I seem to have a lot of drag while quilting. Dawn at APQS was able to email directions on raising my hopping foot I will see if that helps my problem. I was just glad to get any kind of reponse knowing that it was Fathers day. And I just needed to walk away from the project to put my head on straight.
  8. Yes, but some of them look like they are still a little stretchy.
  9. Does anyone have any ides for me. I am quilting a t-shirt quilt with wiil batting, as I get in to the t-shirts I am getting puckers. It really seems extra bulky. would it be helpful to raise my hopping foot and if so how would I do that? I am new to this forum so i hope this goes through I could use the help.