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  1. Another question. Karen I noticed in this and another post comment that you refer to using the measuring tool, after the safe area has been set. Can you review how to do this? And how the measuring tool helps quilting the space? Thanks, Wanda
  2. Thank you for all of the help. I started things up this morning and noticed that I had pink (partial patterns) on both rows. I'm not sure what I did to get that, but I decided to simplify and start over. I am now stitching staggered rows and things are working. There are so many possibilities, and I look forward to more tutorials and posts about getting things done on the Quilt Path. PS: I was vaccuuming and quilting at the same time this morning!!! Wanda
  3. Hi, I'm on day 3 of my new quilt path program. I am on row 2 of a panto, quilt by row, and I've removed my trim lines and want to get started to quilt. Unfortunately my start and stop points are in a staggered part of the design a few inches in from the quilt edge (instead of starting and ending at the edge of the quilt) Hope this picture I am posting will show what I need some help with. Any ideas on how to move my start and stop points to the edge? Thanks, Wanda Quilt Lodge in Montana
  4. Cozy for sure, I have some experience with this backing and my hubby calls it "the sleeping quilt" because every time he uses it in his chair he falls right asleep. Too bad we can't see the back!
  5. I think it's a great piece, I bet it will become their favorite!
  6. when you talk about starching and steaming, can you explain that procedure a bit more? I've never done that, so it would be very helpful to know how to try this. Thanks
  7. It's Tuesday, the new website is up, where is the webcam? I'm very interested!
  8. Just awesome, how'd you do that? Freehand? Chalk? Computer? When I grow up, I want to quilt just like this.
  9. Thank you for the support. I've been visiting this forum since I came on board with Gertrude, and I must say there is so much info on here I feel like I'm in class every day!
  10. Note to self, don't turn on the machine (which propels the forward motion that gets stuck) Move the flywheel a little backwards while machine is off and wa la! Now I am back, I think!
  11. I'll try that, I did undo the screw, but I think the needle is stuck in the hook
  12. I must be sleeping. Changed a needle after I ran over one of my flower head pins (went right through the plastic, no problem). But during my needle change I put it in backwards. Now my needle is stuck in the quilt and I can't budge. I loosened the needle to see if I could get something to move, I tried to remove the bobbin. It's just all stuck, I'm all stuck and now I think I should have a beer. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. I not only love your feathers, I love that you took those pictures in the snow!
  14. I am so glad to see this issue talked about. I have gotten carried away (directionally challenged) a couple of times and got my needle stuck in my quilt. The last time I had to get the DVD out and watch how to reset the hook because I manhandled the whole bobbin carriage to get the needle unstuck. I now think if this happens again, I'll get something to cut the needle, not sure if that's the correct thing. I am much more careful, it took me all weekend, a magnifying glass, bifocally adjusted (glasses you know). But I've been cruising ever since. Wanda Thomas needs a picture and a sign
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