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  1. Dawn: Thanks for the info. Last Wednesday 9-14 I was told that the board would be shipped tomorrow 9-15. I called for Updated on Monday 9-19 "not rec'd". Not correct info make me cranky. Now that it is explained to me I understand. Thanks Dawn. VTBarb
  2. No, it is not at the factory it is at a area rep/repair. I can't believe it takes a week for a mother board to be shipped from Iowa to the North East. I thought service was better than that at APQS. I had heard so many good things about APQS. So disappointed!
  3. Thanks Everyone. Nice to have people understand. Warm hugs and prayers help bring up the downs. VTBarb
  4. I am whining. I purchased a used Lenni. Was that my first mistake? The Lenni was not working properly, I kept adjusting with forum help. Adjustments would not stay. Now Lenni is at repair shop. Parts ordered last Wednesday. Parts still on order. wait, wait, wait $$$$$. Did I make a bad move??? I have customer quilts in waiting. God give me patience. "now" please. Thanks for listening.
  5. Thank You Patty I thought that it sounded too loud and fast at the same number I use the regulator. I use it at 11. But would not use 11 in manual mod. Before Lenni that is all I had was manual.
  6. My Lenni is not right. My Stitch regulator works fine. But when I turn off the switch and want to stitch normally (11) the motor races. I need to turn it down to 8 for regular quilting speed. How do I adjust that? I adjusted the brass screw to adjust the needle up and down. I don't think that helps this issue. What do you think?
  7. The problem was the hex screw on the black belt pulley had to be tightened. And the brass screws for the needle timing were way off. Also me understanding what people were talking about. My husband Mike talked to Mike in Maine they understood each other and fixed my Lenni and we are quilting again. Anne Harmon my local rep (great friend) was super in locating people to help me. She was right from the beginning. the needle up/down needed adjusting. I was sure it was the motor. Super thanks to Mike O'Donnell and Anne Harmon and many people on this forum. Nice to know people are ther
  8. Lenni is alive and quilting. Thanks to all. VTBarb
  9. Lenni is alive and quilting. Thanks To All VTBarb
  10. MY Rep os Anne Harmon from Stowe VT she is a good friend of mine. We have been talking on the phone very often about my Lenni. I will call APQS tomorrow. I am afraid it is the motor. Thanks for your help. I want to love my Lenni again. Barb/VT
  11. Yes the fuses are fine. I have power. The front of the motor turns but the black belts on the back do not operate. I will call APQS service tomorrow. Bonnie: I live in Johnson north central. 12 miles from Anne Harmon, Stowe who is also a Sales Rep. Thanks to all. Vt/Barb
  12. Up to this point I have cleaned the fly wheel no thread very little dust. All the connections are connected. I have taken the cover off the motor. The wheel on the front of the motor goes but the belt does not move. With or without the stitch buttons green/white on. I can move the needle up and down by turning the fly wheel by hand. I also checked the bushings and the fuse. Any other ideas? I have one more row on rush quilt. Lite comes on so I have power. Thanks Barb/VT
  13. MY Lenni died! I have one row left on a rush quilt. I have power. It stopped stitching. Needle down/up does not work. Regulator chirps, light on. When I press either switch/button I hear a humming sound at top back of machine (motor area?) Help soon. THANKS! Barb/VT
  14. Took out fuse beside on/off switch, looks clear and filament looks connected. Now when I turn power switch the little white wheel on the motor spins slowly. When I press on the green button the white wheel spins fast whining sound (from machine not me) black belt on back of motor does "not" turn. That was after I gently pushed the wires on the underside of machine. I will let my DH take the bushings out of the motor when he gets home. My washer and dryer are also apart. The new parts came today. He is going to be busy. I thought today "good I can't laundry so I can quilt all day". "n