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  1. Wow you really transformed this quilt. I really like how you quilted it - it is a lovely quilt. Great job!
  2. Thanks Shana for posting your design. I too ppp on paper and use more than one technique - I mostly do informal feathers with bump back (irena blume) or marking spines (patsy thompson). I also keep my sketch books and dry erase marker and xray film by the sofa to ppp when watching tv.
  3. Myrna, I am so very sorry for your loss. May you and your family find comfort through each other during this very sad time.
  4. What a fun quilt & your quilting is great. Good choice on panto with addition of the cone flower.
  5. What a beautiful quilt. I love how you quilted it. Awesome!
  6. Beautiful quilt, but your quilting made it gorgeous! Love, love, love your feathers.
  7. Wow, Ardelle, this quilt is amazing. I love how you quilted it! and Myrna is an awesome teacher .
  8. Wow, Joan, you did an incredible job on the quilting. Love this quilt.
  9. What an awesome quilt you made for your friend. She will cherish it and draw strength and inspiration from it.
  10. I like the bright colors - great quilt pattern and your quilting compliments it nicely.
  11. What a beautiful quilt - and your quilting is wonderful. I am sure the ladies will be thrilled with it!
  12. Congrats Linda. You do such awesome quilting. The Dear Jane quilt is great!
  13. Your quilts are wonderful - wish I could get one. Good luck on raising funds.
  14. What a great forum this is. Someone posts a question, and we all get the benefit of the responses. Thanks to all you great quilters for sharing your knowledge.
  15. OMG how gorgeous is this! Wow! It is so beautiful - your design and quilting is spectacular.
  16. Linda, I love the way you quilted this. Very creative. Also, the quilting shows up so well. What kind of batting did you use for this? Thanks. Great quilt!