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  1. I just know i would really like to own the Quilt Path....maybe one day!!!
  2. My gosh, Libby...that is beautiful!!!!
  3. Wow....love what you did!!! Great job and one happy customer!!!
  4. OH MY GOSH!!!! How long did it take you to do this????? Breathtaking.
  5. okay, yes, i am jealous!!!! how long will you get to stay there??? hope we see some pretty stuff from your visit...lol
  6. Duh...I can take a picture tomorrow and post it!!! Forgot about that....lol
  7. No, Vicki, but you can google it and see what it looks like. Hope you get inspired by something!!! lol
  8. Hi all. I have now received the Willow bedrunner and not sure how to quilt it. I asked for help on this sometime back but did not have the runner yet and now I cannot find the response that was posted...soooo...if you have any ideas or pictures, sure would like to see them!!! Thanks a bunch! Della
  9. Artists are a driven species!!! Thankful for them,too...makes our lives much more enjoyable!!! Thanks, Sylvia, for sharing.
  10. Oh so beautiful!!! And congratulations for figuring out the posting of pictures!!!!
  11. Excellent, Heidi!!! I love how you did the fills! Thanks for sharing!!! Going to save, by the way!
  12. I love it!! I am sure the swirls and pebbles are going to show in something I do in the very near future!! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Thanks, Dawn, for everything you do for us!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and you family...and the APQS family, too!!
  14. Gorgeous!!! As with all your quilts, it is just right. And I feel the same about getting to be a part of some pretty amazing piecing!!! I love them all!
  15. You are an inspiration!!! I wish I could be so free....maybe that will come...lol...hope so!!!
  16. Agree with all the above....especially Sylvia.....stinkin' cute monkey!!!
  17. Great job!!! Love the blowing snow! Just glad it is on the quilt and not here...lol
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