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  1. Hi Linda! No, they do not come from any person's DVD or CD or book. I purchase antique postcard collections. The ones that I am sharing, I own. I am sharing only the ones that are in public domain. The ones that are still under copyright, I don't put up for sharing. I don't know if Dover has their own original, as I do, of the cards, but I am sure that they do. I have been collecting for over ten years and have quite a lot of postcards. I am still collecting, too, and plan on sharing the new ones I acquire on my blog, too. Thanks for asking!
  2. Gratis! Rose Heart Wreath. Mange flere gratis vintage billeder for dig!
  3. Gratis! Rosa Corona del Corazón. Muchas imágenes de época más libre para usted!
  4. Gratuit! Rose guirlande de coeur. Beaucoup plus libre des images vintage pour vous!
  5. Been busy posting new Christmas Angels for your projects. I have a ton of angels to post and share. You will need to clean up the smudges on a few of the postcards. If you have a graphics program, like Photoshop or Gimp, you should be fine! Enjoy! And, if you use these in a quilt, please post a picture of your work so we can enjoy it with you!
  6. But is their work ny good? The lady next door to my SIL does long arm quilting and we tried her work...we'll pass. So maybe they don't do a good job?
  7. Needing new angels for your projects? I am making a Valentine quilt with the Boucher Angels. These are going to be a friendship quilt for my friend, Jill. I am moving away from her and she loves these three, I get to go shopping for fabric! Love it!
  8. Your work is beautiful! Where is your website? I can't click on Chrome Top Quilts and go anywhere. I would love to see more and send some tops to you for feathering! Email me at with your info!!! Thanks!
  9. I am totally tickled with the quilt you made. It is outstanding. I love the arrangement and the colors. You composition really caught my eye!!! You are a very compassionate grandma, and I wish you all the best. Too bad more grandma's aren't like you. We would have a much better placed here on earth if they were. You are a gem, lady!!! Hugs! Nettie
  10. Don't know about you, but the economy has made me more careful about the projects that I do. I have friends that feel very badly about having to cut back on their quilting stashes. I understand that. Quilting has been a quiet way to maintain my sense of everything being okay. When I did work, (I was the victim in a car accident in Vegas), I collected antique postcards. I just want to share my favorite ones. So that you don't have to go to my site, I am posting my favorite butterfly one. I hope you love this and you can download it from here. Print it as you want it.
  11. Let's see if the full version works. Nope. The full picture won't load. It's too large. Well, I understand your concern about viruses. I talked to my son. He says that it's mostly young guys who want to prove themselves as being smart and being able to infect others is their badge of honor. He advised me to stay away from the download sites for computer programs. They are notorious for infecting computers. I don't have any viruses on mine, and I don't think that the blogspot company is reporting any connected to their site. I will be watching. Hope you can go to the blog for downloads, tho'.
  12. Would you like for me to post all the pictures here for you to use? I can do that!