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  1. Thank you everyone! I'm going to try a side light. I'll let you know. Milly on Millie
  2. I'm doing a lot of stipppling in red on a kaki and navy and dark red string quilt its King size. I can't see the red thread on the strings very well. Will a black light help? Any suggestions? Help!!! Milly in Santa Fe
  3. 2005 Millie was purchased new and APQS serviced in 2012. Runs great. Low hours of use, mostly used for personal use. Many extras including; Motorized quilt uptake, upgraded wheels, stand alone turbo bobbin winder ($325), Micro drive handles ($200), Hartley Base Extender and straight edge ($130), Flywheel cover ($19), Horizontal spool holder ($50), Towa bobbin gage ($80), Circlelord Basic Plus ($380) with front and back stylus ($130), Circlelord giant templete boards ($350), 20 plus pantographs, many cones of Signature threads and many extra bobbins and needles in various sizes. Of course, Millie comes with Auto stitch regulator, bobbin thread cutter, electric verticle and horizontal channel locks, lazer pointer front and back. All the above is included in this price. You can't beat it. Anxious to sell. Millie is in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. As am I, Milly Young. Contact me at: or phone 505 660 0870
  4. How do I post an ad fto sell my Millie

  5. Connie- What's a Gator? We're trying to down size so finding a home with a LR and Family room is difficult. Right now I'm lookig for large guest rooms. I'm leaning to keeping my Milli and putting it on a smaller rack. ( I've always called it a "rack" because I've suffered alot of torture there working on my quilts.) My Milli is a 12 ft. 2004 with electronic quilt up take and SR. I bought Circle Lord last year and boards and have never installed it. (This has been a busy and difficult year and I haven't done much quilting. With the sale of the house and moving that will change). What Milli upgrades would you put on? I don't think I'm interested in making it computerized. Bliss?
  6. Hi Everyone-What upgrades would you absolutely get for a standard 12ft.2004 Milli. Whats this Bliss(ed)? Whats the MnM? I don't think I even have edgeridder's. Hydraulic Lift? Whats that? Should I trade it in and get a new one, would that be cheaper? I'm moving and will probably have to get a smaller/shorter rail system to fit in a smaller room. HELP. Milly (my real name;)
  7. Connie, Thank you for that info. Others too have said the 830 and 820's have been problematic. I didn't know that. I have a Berninia 450. The BSR iintially did not work right and They gave me another and I have to say it works like a charm. For me its giving up on my big Milli ad getting a George or putting the Milli on a smaller table/rack. The problem is we're moving (our house just went under a solid contract and we have to go a find a house in Sante Fe NM real quick the closing is Nov. 18. YIKES), and I anticipate a smaller work room. I make a lot of King Size quilts as well as gettting into more and more art quilts. The kings will be hard to do on a smaller Milli or a George. I'm confused and excited in Maine-Milly
  8. Hi all, I'm in midcoast Maine and so far its hardly raining and ligh t breezes. Tide was high. A hurricane is almost a once in a life time thing here, you should have seen all the boats being pulled out and the lines a the grocerry store. Mostly people were buying junk food, liquor and water. (You gotta love Maine!) I was getting some had work ready in case:D we loose power. Longarm Milly (yes thats my name and I have a Milli)
  9. Mrs. A Thank you. Dare I ask what Sharon Schamber's herringbone stich and rolling on boards techniques is?
  10. I'm fromCushing Maine. Our house just went under contract yesterday. We have lots of time to make up our minds on a new place. We're looking at downsizing and moving to a funky condo in downtown Camden Maine, small, but great fun area. Or busting out and move to Sante Fe. Maybe then I could keep my longarm and Circle lord etc., and husband could keep wood shop. And we would both see a lot less snow. How do you like Florida?
  11. Nancy, Thank you for your interest. I'm convinced that George is the way to go. Everyone said the same as you. Do you have to pin the quilts or can you use spray?
  12. Hi, Are you still selling your George? Thanks LongarmMilly
  13. Thank you, Everybody says the same. I'm going to look into George!