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  1. PRICE REDUCED: Hartley Fence, for APQS Lenni longarm quilting machine on a Bliss table. Can be adapted for use on other APQS machines with Bliss table by obtaining the Idler Arm Adapter. Perfect attachment to quilt diagonal lines, circles and intricate designs. Includes fully adjustable fence guide with metal straight edge that will not warp or wear, an idler arm and wheel. Also includes, circle attachment for making any size circle up to 22 inches in diameter. Includes Hartley Fence Basic Operating Instructions booklet and The Harley Fence Workbook, Instruction and Design Ideas, by Myrna Ficken. Sells new for $595 Hartley Stencil Adapter for the Hartley Fence. Cookie Cutter Stencils make any number of interesting shapes to quilt motifs, borders, and unique designs. Sells new for $99.95 Hartley Stencils, 6” X 8” Patterns. Stencils are made of 1/8” plexiglass and come five or six to a set. 5 sets available. Set 1, 4, 6, 10, and 11. Each set sells new for $49.95 Total value new is $944.70 Like new condition with very little use. Sale price: $300 Buyer pays shipping costs. If interested contact 517-398-1557 Located in St George, Utah
  2. Glide and Omni work wonderful in my Lenni
  3. Does anyone have IQ on a Lenni with Bliss? I am interested in your feedback before I decide to purchase IQ. Thanks
  4. JAKanouse

    OMG Ordered IQ Today

    Does anyone have IQ on a Lenni?
  5. I have the following parts for sale. All are from a 2010 Lenni which was upgraded. Photos are available upon request. Set of pressure brakes, aluminum carriage with axles and M&M wheels with encoder mounted. Sewing head axles with M&M wheels and encoder. Encoders include cables. Roller brackets from the Lenni steel table. Make an offer on all or what you need. Buyer pays for shipping. Contact Bill or Julie 435-272-4480 wkanouse@gmail.com
  6. JAKanouse

    microdrive handles and bliss

    I love my Microdrive handles and Bliss. I have recently purchased some of the Hartley Stencils and have watched Myrna Ficken video. I am creating so much more with the stencils now on my quilt tops. Stencils really make it easy either by marking with them first or using them with the Stencil Adapter. I have asked Santa for additional Stencils.
  7. JAKanouse

    Wanted - Used Lenni steel table

    I have one for sale call me at 435-272-4480.
  8. I've upgraded. For Sale, LENNI standard 10' steel table. Purchased new in Sept 2010. Includes carriage tray, carriage encoders, wrench, hardware, pressure brakes, side clamps & buckles, pantograph pattern holder, axles & wheels from sewing head, 4 rollers, 3 with canvas, and assembly instructions. Everything is included with the exception of the actual sewing head. Table will work with LENNI and ULTIMATE II. Great upgrade from older tables. It is boxed and ready to ship. Buyer pays all shipping costs. There are four (4) boxes. Total weight approx 280 lbs. I can provide box sizes. Located in St George, Utah. $1,000 Call: Julie or Bill 435-272-4480 email: wkanouse@gmail.com