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  1. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    Ready to quilt my Prairie Star - Finally!

    Linda, Great informaton, I have something simular, and was wondering how best to quilt the multiple colors without having to change the tread each field. This is great information. Bev, Post a picture, I am sure int is goreous.
  2. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    NQR Names

    Prince Charming George Alexander Louis of Cambridge - :huh:Wow!!!
  3. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    Missing Heidi

    Heidi, I too was noticing you were not online. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take it easy - God will carry you through this storm.
  4. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    NQR - Business Name

    Correction - Judith Washburn Quilt Studio
  5. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    NQR - Business Name

    Thanks everyone for your advise. I agree using my name will be the most effective and the easiest for customers to remember. The winner is "Judith Washburn Quilting Studio". I search for websites and there is non with with name. When I expand to a store front then the name will apply. I will let you all know when I have the site up and running. Again - "Thank You All"
  6. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    NQR - Business Name

    I am ready to formally open a quilting business. I have been using the pin name JunBugs Quilt Garden however when I search the web the following comes up. Do you mean June Bugs Quilt Garden and the web site for that is www.junebugquilting.com/. I am afraid if I continue with this name all my clients may go to the above instead. However, when I pull up Judith's - Judith Montano and other Judith's come up. So I am taking a vote and need some suggestions: 1. JunBugs Quilt Garden 2. Judith's Quilt Garden 3. Judith's Quilt Studio 4. Judith's Quilting Studio 5. Judith Washburn's Quilt Studio 6. Any Suggestions I think the first is most catchy, however, I think it will also be associated with "Children's Quilts" only and I don't want that. So, I am asking for all opinions and suggestions. I need to have this completed by the end of July as I am going for Business License next month. Thanks for your feedback, I know I can count on ya'll.
  7. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    It's time UPDATE SOLD

    Cheri, Glad you were able to sell your stuff. I hope to get to you part of the world one day. I will give you a call. It was a pleasure speaking with you. Keep in touch.
  8. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    2011 Millie with Intelliquilter for sale

    Alice, Glad to see you are keeping it, sad for me, that would have been a fabulouse deal. Hope your health improves soon. Keep in touch!
  9. I sent you a PM - I will call tomorrow. I am interested in the whole lot.
  10. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    It's time UPDATE SOLD

    Cheri, Sorry to see you are letting go. I hope you continue to post and visit us.
  11. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    NQR Prayers Please UPDATE

    Joyce, My prayers are with you. I know God will grace you with good health soon.
  12. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    2011 Millie with Intelliquilter for sale

    Patty, Do you know if this has sold. Will there be any warranty?
  13. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    What a lot of work!

    Where in Texas are you moving too?
  14. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    Carol's custom quilt- FINISHED

    Teresa, Thanks for the quick reply. My Dad nicknamed me JunBug and I just thought it was a cool name. The Quilt Garden came from the 2 things I love to do in my free time.
  15. JudithWashburnQuiltStudo

    Carol's custom quilt- FINISHED

    Teresa, What program did you do the drawing on, was it an IPad?