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  1. Linda, Great informaton, I have something simular, and was wondering how best to quilt the multiple colors without having to change the tread each field. This is great information. Bev, Post a picture, I am sure int is goreous.
  2. Prince Charming George Alexander Louis of Cambridge - :huh:Wow!!!
  3. Heidi, I too was noticing you were not online. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take it easy - God will carry you through this storm.
  4. Thanks everyone for your advise. I agree using my name will be the most effective and the easiest for customers to remember. The winner is "Judith Washburn Quilting Studio". I search for websites and there is non with with name. When I expand to a store front then the name will apply. I will let you all know when I have the site up and running. Again - "Thank You All"
  5. I am ready to formally open a quilting business. I have been using the pin name JunBugs Quilt Garden however when I search the web the following comes up. Do you mean June Bugs Quilt Garden and the web site for that is www.junebugquilting.com/. I am afraid if I continue with this name all my clients may go to the above instead. However, when I pull up Judith's - Judith Montano and other Judith's come up. So I am taking a vote and need some suggestions: 1. JunBugs Quilt Garden 2. Judith's Quilt Garden 3. Judith's Quilt Studio 4. Judith's Quilting Studio 5. Judith Washburn's Quilt Studio 6. Any Suggestions I think the first is most catchy, however, I think it will also be associated with "Children's Quilts" only and I don't want that. So, I am asking for all opinions and suggestions. I need to have this completed by the end of July as I am going for Business License next month. Thanks for your feedback, I know I can count on ya'll.
  6. Cheri, Glad you were able to sell your stuff. I hope to get to you part of the world one day. I will give you a call. It was a pleasure speaking with you. Keep in touch.
  7. Alice, Glad to see you are keeping it, sad for me, that would have been a fabulouse deal. Hope your health improves soon. Keep in touch!
  8. Cheri, Sorry to see you are letting go. I hope you continue to post and visit us.
  9. Joyce, My prayers are with you. I know God will grace you with good health soon.
  10. Teresa, Thanks for the quick reply. My Dad nicknamed me JunBug and I just thought it was a cool name. The Quilt Garden came from the 2 things I love to do in my free time.
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