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  1. Thanks Barb! I appreciate the info on the batting stuffed in the carriage. I just took a bunch of stuff apart to clean everything well and at lest for the last row I had to do on this quilt the head did not stop. If it happens again I will give APQS a call.
  2. I was cleaning my table and carriage and I noticed something interesting where the carriage sits on the metal rod. At each end there is a black piece that has batting like material tucked in it. I am wondering if that is correct or if I somehow rolled over batting. I never noticed it before and I am having an issue where sometimes the machine just stops. No thread breakage but the stich regulator stops. I was looking at the carriage for thread and such and noticed the batting. Do others have this batting like material on ther Bliss carriage? Thanks!
  3. I have seen some comments that the Freedom has a manual horizontal channel lock. How do you do that? My manual has directions but it shows a Millie so does not help me. I have a Bliss carriage.
  4. I just set up my new Freedom this weekend with the M bobbin. I hope I won't be sorry! I did get a bunch of samples of the pre- wound magnetic bobbins and some Glide thread so I will try those. I have been practicing with some bobbins I wound and my stitch quality does look great. I am used to checking for lint after every row anyway so I will continue that practice.
  5. I heard from Josh at APQS this morning. It would cost about $200 to buy all the shipping boxes and his rough estimate was it would cost about $500 (perhaps a bit more) to ship the entire thing. I am not going to order the boxes unless I have a buyer.
  6. I did get in touch with APQS today and hope to hear from the shipping department tomorrow to get an idea on what it would take to ship this. Cathy, is this the hopping foot you are looking for?
  7. Hi Cathy, I am not sure I know the difference. The hopping foot is a circle with a consistent height all around, maybe an 1/8" or a bit more. I can send a photo if you want. Sandy
  8. Thanks for the lead at APQS Lucy. I will contact Josh and see what information I can get.
  9. I have the shipping box for the head. I would need to take the table to the UPS store to box up and pack appropriately.
  10. Hi, I just ordered a new Freedom at MQX and need to sell my Liberty machine to make room. I am asking $6000 for the Liberty, table, and many extras. It has stitch regulation and a 12 foot table with power advance. I purchased it as a re-certified unit from the factory in 2006. I moved to Singapore in January 2007 so it went into storage until we returned in April 2009. It was serviced in September and runs great. I have several things to go with it including M&M wheels (not mounted yet), a new bobbin winder, Hartley micro drive, many pre-wound bobbins, and some rulers I don't use.
  11. I am just getting ready to post my Liberty for sale as I just ordered a new Freedom. I bought it re-certified from the factory in 2006 with a 12' table and power advance. I also have new M&M wheels that I have not yet installed plus a lot of other stuff I could detail for you. I lived in Singapore for 3 years so it was in storage during that time. I have done maybe 25 quits. It was just serviced last month and works great. Depending on where they live I might be able to drive it over from Boise if they were interested.
  12. I currently have a Liberty and am considering an IQ. I am thinking about upgrading my machine but wonder if I need a new table or if my current table will accomodate a new machine. It would be a lot easier if I could keep my existing table. Does anyone know about this? Or, if I keep the Liberty since it works great, does IQ work okay with it since the throat space is smaller? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the feedback Linda, sounds great! I am going through the class catalog now and was going to sign up for some of the IQ sessions just to see what it can do. What about wheels -- do the Edgerider wheels come with this...I was looking at the new wheels APQS has and was going to order those but maybe I don't need too. Would love to talk with you more in Portland. I never did master freehand quilting as I don't have tons of time. Mostly I use pantographs today because they are fast so the IQ sounds fantastic to get beyond using pantographs.
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