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  1. Again, as Joyce said, here's Missouri. Crazy weather. Went 100 miles sourh of us yesterday to Kansas City. Had 60 degree weather. Today, here at home it's 20! A real roller coaster ride, weatherwise. Got about an inch of snow/sleet last night. Sylvia, we heat our home with LP and it is costly. Then in the summer it gets really hot here too with lots of humidity....so from (usually)May to (usually) October we run the air and then it's furnace time. Can't stand the heat...can't stand the cold and yet we live here. What to do..what to do!
  2. A snake of ANY size would give me heart failure!! Now the butterfly is a different story. It's beautiful.
  3. I started doing the full float about three years ago and love the results. I just feel that I have more control over the quilt top. Mostly, it's just whatever you are comfortable with.
  4. Oh, WOW! My husband would flip over that quilt. He is a die-hard Yankee fan.
  5. I loved the rose quilt...but this one...what's beyond love? Covet?? You can put this away at my house anytime! I bow to you.
  6. Very much an "OJ" trial and outcome. Like OJ she is going to think that she is indestructable and do whatever she wants in life. She is in for a rude awakening and eventually she will pay for killing her baby girl. But it still saddens me that, right now, she is thinking that she got away with murder.
  7. My husband is a former letter carrier. He retired a couple of years ago to get away from the crap that is going on with the Postal Service. They are cutting staff, cutting the number of routes, therefore putting more work on the carriers. It is a total mess. The post masters (most) are just people off the street...they don't even have to take the Civil Service test. They are all so scared for their jobs that they just do what they are told, even if it's wrong. The higher ups certainly don't care, most of them don't even know the rules and regulations. I could rant all day long about th
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