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  1. Hi from Ontario, about 40 min. from the Ambassador Bridge! I don't know about guilds in Port Huron, but there is one in Sarnia, just over the Bluewater Bridge. Ann Arbor MI has an outstanding guild and people in my area make the trip over to attend some of their mtgs. It has a very large membership. You could google & likely find more information. Buttonflower (Linda)
  2. Thank you so much for posting the photo of the Tiny Dancer quilt Theresa. If I ever have to quilt another TD, that's what I'll do. I will use that idea for the twister quilts. I just have two more feather borders to do on the Tiny Dancer quilt. Buttonflower
  3. I can warn you how not to quilt it! My friend & neighbour looked after my cat for about 6 weeks last winter while I was staying with my daughter who was going through a difficult pregnancy and overseeing her mother-in-law's palliative care. Remember it was the year of the polar vortex and as I live along the shore of Lake Erie (Canadian side &, the lake winds drove the snow and buried some homes as high as the second story! She had to dig her way to the door. Quilting her king size "tiny dancer" (a 6 bladed wind mill) like the picture on the pattern is my pay back. There are 5 arcs of stitching/ blade, everyone(blade) needing a start & a stop. I have learned that I must really analyse anything requiring ruler work before agree to do it. I'm guessing that the original must have been done computerized. I just have 3 more rows of blades to go & the borders. Why do I always have to learn the hard way? I have 2 twister quilts waiting to be done and they will NOT have arcs in the blades!
  4. The link that Dell included in her post does include a video from youtube showing the 'rush hour' fill. I love her design. Now I'm off to check out her books & to see if she has anymore videos on youtube. Buttonflower
  5. WOW! I would love to see you work some pine boughs & cone in there somewhere. Enjoy yourself working on this beauty!
  6. I would look for something else for a backing because of the way satin fabric is constructed. To make the "shine" one of the fabric yarns skips over 3 or 4 of the yarns going in the other direction. These long "stitches" snag very easily and my guess is that a t-shirt quilt for a boy would get some heavy use. Perhaps he might like a fleece of some sort to give softness without being quite so fragile. good Luck! Buttonflower
  7. DARN! I checked back with the client today because I hadn't heard from her and she has decided to quilt it herself! I really think it's because she doesn't want to spend any money on something that she doesn't like. I was really looking forward to the challenge of making her like the quilt. So it's back to the stack of charity quilts and my own projects. Some of the charity tops are beautiful so I can try to make them sing. Thanks again to all of the quilters who responded. Buttonflower
  8. Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm getting antsy waiting to see exactly what this quilt looks like! Thanks again for your advice. I'll up date you once she brings it to me. Buttonflower
  9. Hi Everyone I'm expecting a quilt to come in next week -it's a hot pink & black log cabin. I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know if it's two solid colors or not. It will have only a very thin batting as it is for my client's niece who lives in a hot climate. The client says she hates it, but her niece picked the fabric and the client doesn't think that either pink or black thread would look good. I'm going to suggest a pewter grey so that I can use the same color top & bottom. I think that the backing is a solid black. So for my questions...Does this sound like it might need" modern" quilting to you? I have Angela Walters' book and her Craftsy course so I'm familiar with her style of modern quilting. Can you imagine it on this quilt? Another issue is that the client doesn't want to spend much money on it because she dislikes it so much. Can anyone suggest a panto that would suit this quilt? If the quilt is a stark hot pink & black I'm considering using the modern style, but discounting the charge from custom to panto for several reasons. Those being that the client often makes quilt tops for charity and worked with me & a few other guild members when I was the Chair person for charity. This will be my first "paid" quilting that I've done for her. She belongs to the same two quilt guilds that I do and I know that she will show it & give me credit for the quilting. My longarm business is new and there are lots of others in the area. And besides all of that if it looks suitable for the "modern' type stitching, I think it would be fun to do and I have the time to do it. Of course this is all subject to the client's approval. OK, let me have it! What do you think? Buttonflower
  10. While I'm sorry to have thought you lived in Canmore rather than Camrose,but it is good news. I have two relatives who lived in Calgary for years before moving back to Ontario a couple of years ago The whole area where they lived (2 different families) is badly flooded. Now 2 deaths have been reported due to the flooding: the bodies were found in a truck in the flood waters. Scarey! I'm glad that any forum members out there have been reported safe. Buttonflower
  11. I hope you & yours are safe & sound and on high ground! I just saw videos of the flooding in Canmore and other parts of Alberta. Unbelievable! Such raw power as the rivers & creeks rage over their banks. Be safe. Buttonflower
  12. Thanks for your response Heidi. I can't wait to see more of that quilt. Buttonflower
  13. You do such beautiful work Heidi! May I ask some questions as a novice longarm quilter? When you are doing SID, how do you handle the stops & starts? Knot & bury? Back stitching? Use of Fray Check ? Differences according to threads? I'd love to hear the experience of other forum members as well. Thanks. Buttonflower
  14. I'm another one who started off with this machine (Mega Quilter/Original Inspira frame). It was the first & only frame machine that I'd ever seen - around the same time Kay got hers. It was good enough to get me hooked on machine quilting on a frame. Mine worked fine, but after you had rolled the quilt a few times, you were down to less than 3" quilting space. I sold it for $1,500 I think, or maybe it was a little less to somebody in my guild. I also went to her home, checked her set up and gave lessons to her & her 3 friends. She hasn't come back to me with any complaints. She didn't want to spend more money at the time on anything bigger & figured that she could always sell it at some point in the future. I did remove the feed dogs. There is so much more available today. Buttonflower
  15. Thanks to Linda, Vicki & Heidi for your advice. I'll do some experimenting once I get done with the three dark threads on cream backing, embroidered quilt. It's huge too -92" x 112", cornerstone are 5.75, has a 4" stop border and a 11.5 outer border. Thank goodness it's pretty much square, no D cups or waving borders. The quilt was designed between the client & a lady at the quilt shop to fit a bed that she no longer owns! She really is a sweetheart & says she hadn't had any quilting lessons when she put it together and just wants it done. It's been a real challenge for me to come up with designs that compliment the embroidery & fill in all the spaces while trying to maintain a consistent density in the quilting. This rookie quilter is learning a lot with this quilt. Thanks again for all the help and what I've learned from all of the people who post on the forum. Buttonflower PS My name is also Linda, but there are several forum members named Linda so I'll stick to Buttonflower. The client's name is also Linda!