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  1. I had a similar experience -- it took me 3 months to get the charges to stop.
  2. all I can see is straight lines in the stripes, cc in the center diamond and a swirl border in the white diamond. any other ideas?
  3. I LOVE Deloa's Boomerangs... get all three sizes perfect for cc and curved crosshatch.
  4. I will try that..I have tried every possible combination of upper and lower thread tension and either get loops on the top or eyelashes or "top thread spots" on the back --- once I go past that I get thread breakage...will try loosening the quilt top itself.....as I do love the varigated threads I have on hand and so want to use them.
  5. Have you used their varigated thread? doe you have any issues with varigated or the cotton thread from Glide? I can not get king tutt varigated to run successfully in my millie and it is really frustrating.
  6. I have a 1630 that I bought in 93 or 94 dn LOVE IT. I keep looking at the new more expensive ones, but just haven't made the leap. I have used and abused this machine and it keeps on turckin'. wouldn't part with it, even if I bought a 830. Besides, an 830 would be too heavy to take to classes, sew days and retreats. I just love Nina!!!!
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