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  1. I had a similar experience -- it took me 3 months to get the charges to stop.
  2. all I can see is straight lines in the stripes, cc in the center diamond and a swirl border in the white diamond. any other ideas?
  3. I LOVE Deloa's Boomerangs... get all three sizes perfect for cc and curved crosshatch.
  4. I particularly like the simple yet striking effect around the blocks! abosolutly masterful way to work in those setting corner stars!
  5. Yeah!! I have been waiting so long...email sent!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  6. it is screaming for modern geometric quilting that combines straight lines and curves to accentuate the movement
  7. Interesting I have a set that are over 20 years old I have used them for many crafts over the years.....I can not do "repeated" work and remain "consistent" but I have "avoided" marking because of all the posts about the horrors of marking (waste of time, can't get the marks out, "you should just trust yourself and wing it")..... Where is the balance? any suggestions.
  8. Oma, you are right, doctors are very silly (and that is a professional opinion having worked with them for 26 years and counting-- more than 10 of it in oncology). Give yourself a little time to be "pitiful" it has its place in the process -- but not too long As you know there is nothing more powerful than surrounding yourself with those you love and enjoy to get you through the tough times...and the hard parts are rarely the "procedure" but all that surrounds it. Support comes in all shapes and sizes (even the silly dog behavior)...soak it up. (I do like the way you think....hmm I
  9. the lighter color woudl be great for feathers....or ferns if feathers are too "romantic" for the print. You could go really geometric/modern and play up the angles with stright line stitching on the diaginal (cross hatching without the cross)
  10. I am sure it is more "ugly" to you than others...it will make a great donation quilt to whatever organization you choose -- believe me-- the fact that it is "handmade" and given with compassion will be cherished by whomever receives it.
  11. the chanille cutter and blades are way worth it. I love making chenille -- it so fun to pull the fluff out fo the dryer
  12. Myrna: I have not seen your dvds (guess I should take advantage of the sale)....but I have a question. I notice you said not to clamp the batting. I was told to the clamp the backing and batting --- can you tell me what differences you see in not clamping the batting?
  13. its on my frame...so kind of hard to get a whole picture. this is the photo from the magazine
  14. This is a mystery quilt (one of 3 I have to quilt). I have no idea how to tackle the large trianges (two shades of blue in this version) and their companion 1/2" strip. I plan to use continuous curve in the small white triangles, allowing the orange and yellow pieces to pop. As you can see the triangles in the border area are larger than the orange triangles pointing into the main body of the quilt, so that kind of messes up my idea of treating them as one undulating border. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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