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  1. I received this quilt from a customer and have no idea what to put on it.  I am pretty new at doing free motion designs and have not mastered feathers yet.  Is the material and the quilt so busy that the free motion quilt will be lost and I need to just d a pantograph?  Please help.  The colors are darker than the pictures. Also, the backing has swirls and is dark and busy.  Thanks



  2. I got it on the roller and tore a small seam and restitched it.  But I really like the idea of sewing a light pellon on the a t-shirt quilt does.  Thank you so much.  It has been on my machine for 3 days and I am so scared to do anything with it.  She sent me EIGHT of these.  Thank goodness the customer is wonderful and knows I am learning and has lots of grace.  It is a spools quilt and I think I am going to echo the design and hopefully catch those seams and secure them...Do you think that will work?