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    Web Site

    Mary, I don't have a quilting web-site, but did use Weebly to create a site for our rental vacation property. We were already using Go Daddy for hosting (and domain name), but I think you can get that from Weebly, too. My husband started us with Go Daddy (for several sites), but I believe he shopped pricing first. My youngest daughter started with Weebly and then found Wix, which she now prefers, but to me, it looked more complicated than Weebly. I'll be interested to hear what others have to say about this.
  2. Rita R, I love your poems and ideas! Maybe that's what I'll give my (will be by then) SIL. Two years ago, when he was "the boyfriend," I made him a stocking, and included 3 lumps of coal. Before he left, he hid them in one of my Nativities. This year, as "the fiancé", he got the coal included in his stocking again, and yep, they were back in the same Nativity before he left. It's a tradition now. Next year, I think I'll add snowman poop and the poem to the coal. As for me, I got an impact driver (requested) from DD and fiancé, a book I wanted from the other DD, and some other small things. DH and I agreed not to have gifts this year, opting for a trip somewhere warm instead!
  3. dbams

    introducing myself

    Welcome, Joy! Where are you in northern Michigan? I am in Clarkston, but we have a cottage in Leelanau, and my husband went to Tech. His first year there was their record snowfall winter. Always great to see another Michigander on the site!
  4. Wow. She should be thrilled! You did a fabulous job. Once she starts using her new machine, she will appreciate your work even more. I am in awe. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
  5. dbams

    Black fabrics

    Linda, thanks for explaining the difference between Synthrapol and Retayne. I have both, and have used both, but somehow never really understood what each on does. I have printed your explanation to keep in the laundry room with them.
  6. dbams

    Black fabrics

    Jess, the Color Catcher definitely goes in the washer. The dryer is too late. Betsy
  7. What a beautiful quilt! Your daughter is lucky to have it, and we are lucky to have people like her working for us.
  8. dbams

    Piecing on a Longarm

    Please take some pictures while it's in process, and when it's done, and post them all! Sounds very intriguing, and I'm looking forward to seeing this.
  9. Having a problem with my needle hitting the bobbin and/or top thread wrapping around the bobbin area. I am using Bobbom Line with aluminum bobbins, and things were working OK for a while. Ever since the last bobbin ran out, I have not been able to do anything. Tried 4 different bobbins, and every time, either the needle hits the bobbin, or the top thread gets all tangled up around the bobbin area. I have been moving slowly, so fortunately the needle has never broken. I've tried changing needles, changing bobbins, oiling, and cleaning the bobbin case. After one bobbin case cleaning, I forgot to put back the brake spring, and suddenly I could stitch! Is it possible the spring is too springy? I did try bending the springs in a little, but don't know if I really changed anything. I am afraid to actually quilt without the brake spring, especially as II found a thread nest where my last bobbin ran out. Any advice? I really need to get this quilt done! Thanks in advance!
  10. Thank you everyone for your advice. The bobbin case is definitely in right side up, and I have checked that the bobbin is in the right way every time I put one in. I used aluminum bobbins with the same black Bottom Line last summer without an issue. So far, the steel bobbin is working, although I did have to fiddle with things again after the first steel bobbin ran out. I will be ordering extra bobbin cases ASAP. I like the idea of using a different case for different threads, rather than trying to recreate the bobbin tension wheel every time I use a different kind of thread. And I amy have to give prewounds a try, too. Realized in my earlier post that it looks like I got my machine last December, as the "2011" part didn't go through. Haven't used her as much as I should, though, largely because I am still intimidated by her. Being able to ask for help here is wonderful, and I am resolved to get over my nerves!
  11. Needle is definitely all the way up. However, I just tried switching from an aluminum to a steel bobbin, and that seems to have made a difference. Currently un-quilting the thread nest area, and will see what happens next.
  12. Sorry, forgot to say I have a Freedom, new in December, I got very excited by the possibility that I had foolishly put the needle in wrong the last time, but I just checked the info and pictures in "Getting To Know Your Machine" and have verified that it is correct. (I was pretty sure it was right, but it never hurts to double-check.) I have also checked for lint under the bobbin finger, too - nothing. Thanks for your suggestions. It's early yet, so maybe someone else will have the answer.
  13. Heidi, Thanks for your suggestions. I don't have a different bobbin case, but I think I'd better order one. Everything, including the hook, seems to be moving properly, even when I put in the empty bobbin case. I think the bobbin case is snapped in completely; I push it in firmly, and wiggle it a little, and it seems to be seated. If it were not it properly, would it fall out? Haven't broken a needle. Is there anything else that could have disrupted my timing?
  14. dbams

    Using Red Snappers for Side Clamps

    Renae Haddadin now sells the Red-E- Edge to hold the sides of your quilt. I ordered them when I got my Red Snappers, and love the whole system. http://quiltsonthecorner.com/inc/sdetail/204/8118. They come in 12", 16" and 19" sizes. I decided to just get the 12" for my Freedom, and they do a great job.