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  1. dbams

    It has ARRIVED.

    YAY!!! You will have lots of fun together!
  2. Tomorrow, tomorrow, you'll have it tomorrow. It's only a day away!
  3. Chickadeedee, I think only an administrator can delete a post. However, you can go back to your original post and edit the title to include the word SOLD at the beginning, and also edit the text of the post to indicate that the machine has been sold.
  4. I was told that it is not good for a quilt to be extremely taut on the frame, and I have tension issues when I make the quilt too tight. My dealer said it should look almost like a small animal is moving under the quilt when I move my machine around. That being said, your brake should hold your quilt in place however tight you want it to be.
  5. dbams

    I was "forced" to play with Lucey

    Wow! That looks wonderful! Your granddaughter is very lucky.
  6. Carmen, what a lovely quilt! What about hearts in the colored blocks? I also like Debbie's idea to treat the colored blocks as flower pots, and stitch flowers in the white blocks. I think black ink would be visible in the colored blocks, if you did the flower pot idea. Please post pictures when you're done. Prayers for your co-worker.
  7. dbams

    I cleaned my studio

    I feel your pain. Long hair has done the same thing to my vacuums for years, and even though our daughters are grown and not living at home, my hair is still long. Don't remember where I heard this tip, but I keep a toilet brush (never used in a toilet, in case you're wondering!) to swipe up threads from my carpeted floor. IKEA sells them for 99 cents. The bristles grab thread quite well. Of course, I do not have shag carpeting, which might tangle in the bristles. Ugh!
  8. dbams

    Vintage Quilt

    LOVE it!!
  9. dbams

    News about Rita

    Here is a link to Rita's obituary, for those who would like to read it. http://www.bridgescameronfuneralhome.com/notices/MargueriteRita-Armstrong
  10. dbams

    Size of Quilting Design?

    Rosemary, I don't know that there is really any "rule of thumb" on this. You do need to check your batting, because it will say the maximum distance for quilting, but I think 1.5" to 2" should not be a problem for batting. Pretty much, I go with what pleases me, unless it is a quilt for a charity, like Quilts For Kids, which have requirements for quilting density. Cute quilt!
  11. dbams

    Totally finished with label

    Rosemary, I love that John Deere quilt! What a great idea to do the label that way! Birch Run is only about 20 minutes south of Saginaw. It is also very close to Frankenmuth, where there is a cute quilt shop. At least it's cute from the outside. I have not been in Frankenmuth when it is open.
  12. dbams

    Totally finished with label

    Let the head shakers shake. Binding is another personal choice on the part of the quilt creator. I sew mine by hand because I like doing it. Others prefer to do machine bindings. Either way, quilts get finished, given, used, loved, and appreciated. I love your label! Was it done on an embroidery machine? I use printable fabric for my labels, but would love to make one as nice as yours.
  13. dbams

    News about Rita

    Heidi, thank you for sharing this news with us. I am so sorry for Rita's family and friends, but glad she is not suffering any longer. So pleased we were able to give her a special quilt when we did. Prayers for Roland and the rest of Rita's family and friends.
  14. dbams

    Ideas anyone?

    Wow, I love it!
  15. Great job, Missy! Congratulations on your well-deserved awards!
  16. Marti, I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family at a tremendously difficult time.
  17. Fabulous! You and Lenni make a great team. This couple is very fortunate to have you in their lives. What a great tribute to your relationship with her.
  18. Jeanne, your work is outstanding! What a wonderful tribute to your friend.
  19. dbams

    Applique quilt

    Heidi, this is superb!! You and your friend make an excellent team!
  20. dbams

    Plus quilt

    You are right - the perfect compromise. Looks great!!
  21. dbams

    My Accomplished Quilting :)

    Actually, Connie, I think you're in the middle of Rosemary and me. Per Google maps, Bay City is about 71 miles from Clarkston, and Tawas is 69 miles from Bay City. I've never been to an AQS show. Are they fun?
  22. Charmaine, the posts saying your quilting is beautiful are entirely correct! That being said, Carol's quilts with pantos are also lovely gifts. It really is the thought that counts, and I am sure the recipients feel that way, too. The speaker at the work bee was out of line. Even if the organization believes your work was too much quilting, there are definitely other ways to share that message without hurting your feelings. I am so very sorry this happened to you, and hope you will feel comfortable continuing your good work.
  23. Kathy, your quilting is beautiful!!! How wonderful to hear from the lucky recipient's mother about how much it meant to her and her daughter. I don't understand why some people feel the need to make disparaging comments when someone else does something special for a person they don't know. I am so glad you are not letting that stop you. I also make quilts for Quilts for Kids, and although they are not even close to the quality of your quilting, I have always hoped that they were appreciated. I did get personal acknowledgements from QFK twice, commenting on the special quilting I did, which meant a lot to me. Even without that, though, I would still continue making quilts for them, because I get a lot of personal satisfaction from making these quilts. I have been very blessed in my life, and making these quilts is one of the ways I can use the blessings I have been given. Keep up the great work!!
  24. dbams

    Not as Easy as I Hoped

    Good question, Terry. I go front to back. Never occurred to me to do it the other way, but I will be interested to hear what others do. Mary, I am wondering if your panto issues are because of your Bliss rails. From what I've heard, they make it so easy to move the machine that you need to exert very little effort. You may be used to using more muscle when doing pantos.