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  1. ok Betsy I will need your address. Thank-you for offering to put this together for Rita 



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    2. dbams


      Nancy (Pepsi Girl) did offer to send along a backing, and I told her no.  However, I see your point, and I will send her another message saying I have reconsidered the matter.  I often add blocks to my backs, or use two (or more) fabrics on them, so that would be a possibility, too.

      A scrappy binding would be fun, so maybe we could ask block makers to send some leftover binding with their blocks, if they want.

    3. T Row Studio

      T Row Studio

      great I will continue if you think of anything else contact me lets try and get this quilt hug to rita. oh should I ask for batting?


    4. dbams


      I have lots of batting.  Is Warm & White OK?

      Do you want to switch to e-mail, rather than using the forum for our communications?  My address is dbams@comcast.net.