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  1. ok Betsy I will need your address. Thank-you for offering to put this together for Rita 



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    2. T Row Studio

      T Row Studio

      Ok Betsy this is new to me . I will start a new post and ask Connie to edit hers to direct every body to the new one This way I will be able to edit it .

      I think I was that somebody offered to send backing so I would like to give her a size should we say for the 30 block quilt do you think we will get

       enough for that?


    3. dbams


      Terry, I do think we will get 30 blocks for Rita.  However, I would be glad to provide the backing.  That way, I if we get more blocks, I can just do a larger backing. :)

    4. T Row Studio

      T Row Studio

      You are doing so much and somebody has offered to supply so I would hate to say no. this quilt with 30 blocks would be 62" x 74" a nice size so I would ask for a 70 x 82 backing for it if we get extra blocks they could go on the back or maybe if you wanted to scrappy up the back you could add to it. another thought if we have the back supplied we will not need the fat quarter could we ask for a hunk of left over binding to make a scrappy binding for the edge? what are your thoughts


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