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  1. Hi Betsy, I just returned from Manila & found out about Rita quilt project.  I am in if not too late, just give me instructions.

    Thank you for offering to do the job of assembling & finishing of this blessing for Rita.


    1. dbams


      Hi Corey,

      Thanks for your offer.  All the information is under the Angel Quilt thread started by Terry (T Row).  We do already have more than enough offers of blocks for the quilt, though, and will have to use some of them on the back as it is.  There are a lot of generous people on the APQS Forum!

      If you would like to send a card to Rita, PM Quilting Heidi for Rita's address.

      Thanks again for your offer, and sorry you didn't hear about the quilt earlier.  I'm sure your block would have been lovely.


    2. Oma



      I'm doing 3 blocks, I would be more than happy you let you do one and I'll do 2 if you just want to be able to add to Rita's quilt.  Let me know.

    3. Corey


      That would very helpful, just let me know what else I could pay or send to you, Betysy or Rita, thanks Oma.