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  1. Are you using Quilt Path, or another program? There is a Quilt Path users group on Facebook, where you may get a faster answer.
  2. It sounds like you are comparing a fully-equipped Cadillac (Lucey) to a base-model Chevrolet. Yes, both Cadillac and Chevrolet make good vehicles, but the Bliss and upgrades on the Lucey will definitely raise the price over a base model from any manufacturer, including APQS. I do not think you can go wrong with APQS, especially since you made your deposit during the recent sale. Good luck with your decision making.
  3. Denise, it is the total number of inches of binding: W+L+W+L. If you have a quilt that is 60" wide and 80" long, that is 60+80+60+80=280. Multiply the total binding by your charge per inch to get the total price.
  4. Hoopie, it's very hard to predict how much your scraps will shrink, or if they will even shrink at all. If you plan your block with a slightly oversized border on the outside, you could trim the border after washing to get your block to the 12.5" you want.
  5. Cagey's suggestions are good. If you don't want the gnome to be too fluffy, since it is a placemat, you could stitch around the individual sections of the gnome, and quilt the rest of the placemat as densely as you wish. That will make the gnome stand out, but still give you a fairly flat placement.
  6. Nita, you may have better luck starting a new post asking for the items you want, rather than tagging on to a 6 year old thread.
  7. After you try the good suggestions above, I recommend calling APQS service if the problem persists.
  8. I have not used a lot of Hobbs batting, but I know Warm Company battings have "right" and "wrong" sides. Loading the "wrong" side up definitely makes pokies on the back of the quilt. Do any Hobbs fans know if those battings have right and wrong sides?
  9. What a thoughtful gift from you and your wife! In addition to on-line information, T-shirt Quilts Made Easy is a great book resource. I found it to be full of great information, even though I did not really use any of the specific quilt designs in the book. Nancy's Notions is just one of the on-line sources for this book: https://www.nancysnotions.com/t-shirt-quilts-made-easy-book.html or you may find it at your local quilt shop. Good luck, and be sure to post pictures of your finished project!
  10. Wilmaloo, if you go to your original post, you should be able to edit the heading to add "SOLD" to it.
  11. Wow, Dell, that's beautiful! You and Sharon make a great - and productive - team.
  12. I have a Freedom (now called Freddie), and have never wished I had a thread cutter. Although I am sure there must be people who really like it, I have seen a number of posts where owners have asked how to remove the thread cutter. I usually don't bury my threads, but I still prefer to bring the bobbin to the top and trim it there. For me, the thread cutter adds no value at all. There have been times I wished I had the vertical channel lock, but I use a squeeze clamp on my carriage to achieve the same result. Not as convenient, and possibly not quite as accurate (although it's pretty d