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  1. After you try the good suggestions above, I recommend calling APQS service if the problem persists.
  2. I have not used a lot of Hobbs batting, but I know Warm Company battings have "right" and "wrong" sides. Loading the "wrong" side up definitely makes pokies on the back of the quilt. Do any Hobbs fans know if those battings have right and wrong sides?
  3. What a thoughtful gift from you and your wife! In addition to on-line information, T-shirt Quilts Made Easy is a great book resource. I found it to be full of great information, even though I did not really use any of the specific quilt designs in the book. Nancy's Notions is just one of the on-line sources for this book: https://www.nancysnotions.com/t-shirt-quilts-made-easy-book.html or you may find it at your local quilt shop. Good luck, and be sure to post pictures of your finished project!
  4. Wilmaloo, if you go to your original post, you should be able to edit the heading to add "SOLD" to it.
  5. Wow, Dell, that's beautiful! You and Sharon make a great - and productive - team.
  6. I have a Freedom (now called Freddie), and have never wished I had a thread cutter. Although I am sure there must be people who really like it, I have seen a number of posts where owners have asked how to remove the thread cutter. I usually don't bury my threads, but I still prefer to bring the bobbin to the top and trim it there. For me, the thread cutter adds no value at all. There have been times I wished I had the vertical channel lock, but I use a squeeze clamp on my carriage to achieve the same result. Not as convenient, and possibly not quite as accurate (although it's pretty darn good), but I only quilt for myself (personal, gifts, and charity), not as a business or for competition, so the accuracy is fine for me. I guess it really comes down to what you are planning to do with your machine, and how valuable you think the convenience of the channel lock is. Either way, you can't go wrong with an APQS machine!
  7. dbams

    Lenni problem.

    WOW, that's a fantastic quilt! Sorry I don't have an answer for your thread issue, but I definitely wanted to let you know how much I love your work. Hopefully, someone else on the Forum will be able to help.
  8. Here's my latest finish. California king, for us. So glad I get to keep it! Stopped at Renee's House of Quilting, in Williamsburg, MI, yesterday, to show Renee, since she helped me to choose the fabrics, and she took this picture. A special thanks to Kathy Schwartz (Tamarack Shack) for the border quilting idea and tutorial. It was perfect! So Fine! top and bottom thread, Quilter's Dream wool batting.
  9. Thanks, Barb. I did see the instructions, I just didn't expect "interchangeable" feet to require an adjustment of that magnitude.
  10. Tried my new "true 1/4" ruler foot" today, and I was surprised at how high the bottom of the foot is. When I compared it to my original foot, it is 1/8" shorter! This definitely explains why my rulers can slide underneath the "ruler" foot when the needle is up. Has anyone else had the same issue? TIA
  11. Jeff, congratulations on selling your machine! If you edit your original post to include SOLD at the beginning of the title, you will eliminate a lot of future inquiries.
  12. Lisa, it would help potential buyers if you include the year George was built and your location in your ad. Also, most buyers would like to know your reason for selling, and any maintenance you had done. Good luck!
  13. Pamela, I don't have IQ, so I can't make suggestions on that front. However, "puff" batting sounds like it is a high loft batting, and on such a long quilt, may give you space issues as you get close to the end. I would suggest a lower loft product. I am working on a California king quilt right now on Emmeline, my 2011 Freedom with a 12' frame, using QD wool batting. I finished row 7 today, with only row 8 and the bottom border to complete. Top border is 2.5", each row is 12", and the bottom border is 8". I have not lost a lot of quilting space as I have progressed. All free-hand in the body of the quilt, and ruler work on the borders. Let us know how you work this out, please!
  14. Congratulations on selling your George! You can edit the title on your original post to put "SOLD" first, so you won't keep getting inquiries. Enjoy your new machine!
  15. Joan, sorry no one has posted an answer on this yet. I suggest calling APQS service. I'm sure they can solve this issue.
  16. Maribeth, I remember it, but have never used it in a project.
  17. Thanks for posting the solution, Meg!
  18. Cathy, thanks for the information about Quilternatives. I got my last roll of QD wool from Kingsmen, as that was the best price I found at the time, but Quilternatives's price is a LOT cheaper! Just ordered a new roll, since my last one is gone. Quilternatives beat both Kingsmen and Batt-mart. Love the Forum members!
  19. I don't have QP, but I know there is a QP Facebook group that may be able to help you. Good luck!
  20. I'm still very happy with my Emmeline, so good luck to all of you!
  21. dbams


    Good job, Zeke! Your perseverance paid off.
  22. Saw a picture on FB where the quilt was clipped onto the bars of the longarm. Poster said the clips were the Grace Start Right clips. Anyone heard of these before and/or used them? Seem like they could be handy. They are made by the Grace Company: https://www.graceframe.com/en/product/quilt-clips. TIA for your input!
  23. Deb, so sorry you had this problem, but really appreciate you sharing this information with the rest of us. Hope your son's quilt looks good enough that it doesn't bug you every time you look at it, especially since you did such a nice job on it. Betsy