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    dbams reacted to quiltmonkey in semi custom   
    Sure! You can do whatever you want! So, I am assuming that you are doing the edge to edge feathers, and then going back afterwards and adding details to the leaves and wings. That would look nice!  Please share a photo we would love to see it. 
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    dbams reacted to SewingDiva in Disappearing Stitches   
    Thanks everyone! I’m very comfortable with edge to edge. Now onto custom quilting. 
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    dbams got a reaction from Kwiltr in Quilts for my Sisters   
    Beautiful quilting!  Your sisters are very lucky.
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    dbams reacted to LibbyG in Dresden Plate   
    Here's a close up the the quilting in the diamond.
    001 by Libby G, on Flickr
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    dbams reacted to SewingDiva in Disappearing Stitches   
    No it wasn't pre -washed. It wasn't very well constructed with seams not matching and a pieced backing resulting in a lot of fullness next to the seam. But it turned out great! At least I think it did. As it sewed it really drew in the fullness from the topper and backing.  Once it is washed it will take up the small amount of fullness left in between some of the rows of stitching. Tell me what you think. Please be honest. It doesn't help me if you're not. I'm a big girl and prefer honesty to just making me feel good. I want to improve this craft and can't do that if people aren't honest with me.  Thank you for your help.

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    dbams reacted to ffq-lar in Disappearing Stitches   
    It's the nature of the beast, SewingDiva.  Puffy batting will hide stitches. Plush fabrics like flannels will hide stitches. Using a thin thread like 50 wt will hide stitches. If you want the stitching to show on flannel, use a heavier weight and a contrasting color---and lengthen your stitch length a bit. Don't mess with the tension. Good luck!
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    dbams reacted to Kwiltr in Quilts for my Sisters   
    A couple close ups...

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    dbams reacted to Kwiltr in Quilts for my Sisters   
    I finished  two quilts at the end of May so I could take them to 2 of my sisters in central Canada while visiting this summer on our cross country trip to visit Newfoundland for the first time. What a great trip we had!  
    The pattern is Angela Walter’s “Coral”, available free on her website. Both quilts are the same, except the first one I used a slightly contrasting thread (to the background) because I thought it blended a bit better with the print segments and the second quilt I used a matching thread.  In the end, I thought the second one came out better as I had figured out the quilting execution by the time I got there!  I’ve only attached the front and back pictures of one quilt here. 

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    dbams reacted to T Row Studio in Mommy and me Baby Quilts   
    I was very fortunate to be able to pay on a Baby Quilt . I wanted to work on grid designs the fabric in the light area was a white on white 1" grid so What better place to play. then the customer brought me another one so here are both of them together the same but different also.
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    dbams reacted to SewingDiva in Thread break indicator   
    Thank you. Since I just couldn't figure it out I called APQS. Turns out it was a dumb beginner error! I had watched tutorials to make sure I was threading the machine right and I turned my thread indicator light back on after having it off. What I failed to realize is the tutorial I watched didn't have IQ on it. My indicator light should be off. I turned it back off and voila! I also learned APQS has a 24/7 # to call. Two lessons learned. I won't forget either!
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    dbams reacted to jimerickson in Thread/Bobbin question   
    I looked at my boxes, and realized they were pencil boxes, and that I'd taken a piece of one inch PVC, cut to length, then split the long way. placed the two halves in the bottom of the boxes where they fit my M bobbins and bobbin case nicely.  Jim
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    dbams got a reaction from InesR in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   
    Very fun!  I think the letters are great, and the lucky recipient will love it.
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    dbams reacted to LibbyG in Memory Lane   
    Memory Lane is a pattern by Deborah Borsos and Leslee Price.  It was pieced for a grandaughter.  She had 60 yoyos so she wanted a light custom.  I did "funky hearts" because perfect ones were too difficult.  So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.  Hobbs 80/20.
    Memory Lane by Libby G, on Flickr
    Memory Lane by Libby G, on Flickr
    Memory Lane by Libby G, on Flickr
    Memory Lane by Libby G, on Flickr
    Memory Lane by Libby G, on Flickr
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    dbams reacted to InesR in Outstretched   
    I had seen this book awhile ago and just thought oh... but then I happened to catch Natalia Bonner on a Sewing with Nancy show and they had this quilt on the show. I loved it. Year and 1/2 later ) maybe 2) I finally completed it. I quilted same as she had done. Always been afraid of woodgrain, but no longer. Put a bluish batik on the back. Pretty stinking happy. PS going to bind in same yellow.

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    dbams reacted to SWall in Weekend with my daugh   
    My daughter and I had a great time this weekend finishing up a quilt she started 7 years ago. This was one of her first quilt tops she made. She is planning on giving it to a friend who will be starting dialysis in the next couple of weeks. 
    I completed all the feathers earlier in the week and she did the rest of the quilting. She has only done a couple of quilts before on my Freddie. She did an awesome job! 
    If you notice one corner... I forgot to do a feather... noticed this as we were taking pictures of the quilt. I said I would reload it and add it but she insisted we consider it a ‘design feature’. She will add her quilt label to this area so it worked out just fine

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    dbams reacted to InesR in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   
    Had a hurry up birthday gift. All over stipple, first time to try lettering. Not perfect but for a 5 yr old, will be fine. Great skill builder.

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    dbams reacted to delld in Art Quilt by Mike   
    This was created by Mike. This is the third art quilt she has asked me to quilt. The last one won viewer's choice at our quilt show. She picked up this morning and was pleased. Now she gets to add the rest her magic to it. Yep, she said I could share!
    20180802_133216 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
    20180802_133223 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    dbams reacted to jimerickson in Track lighting above long arm?   
    I use track lighting to illuminate both for my long arms, and the entire space of our quilting studio.  Began years ago with halogen bulbs, which I've since replaced with LED's.  I like track because of the flexibility it offers.  If the original lighting plan is incorrect, or if your needs change, it is easy to move, add, or remove fixtures to better light your area.  I've used both PAR 38, and PAR 30 narrow beam flood bulbs.  Chose narrow beam because most of the light I need is task lighting.  I've primarily  bought 2700K or 3000K light color range, and 900-1200 lumen bulbs.  Back in 2013 I paid over $35 per bulb, for the PAR 38's but the price has come down substantially since.  As an example, I just replaced the florescent bulbs in my shop (screw in bulbs for track fixtures) a couple of weeks ago. I bought 40 PAR 30, 900 lumen, 25 degree floods for less than $100.  Bought them off e-bay.  I didn't like the florescent bulbs because they were slow to come to full illumination, especially when it's cold, and weren't focused at all.  The electric consumption between the LED and the florescent bulbs were about the same.  (the LED' are way less than the original halogens)
    I've managed to buy the the individual fixtures for about $10 each.  ( over the years I've probably bought 150 fixtures to light both the house and work areas)  When you flood the task areas with light, there doesn't seem much need for additional ambient light.  Do  yourself a favor and install track lighting over your quilting machine.  Then if you need to move light around, it's easy to do.   Jim
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    dbams reacted to Karlyn08 in Brand new Lucey owner!   
    Thank you Mark. It was funny, my husband came hom and looked at it, and that’s the first thing he did. Ay yi yi. 
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    dbams reacted to dianne in Millenium was in storage   
    Thanks everyone, great to hear there is a BC Apqs resource.  I also put in a lot more oil on the wicks and let it sit for a bit and as of this morning that disturbing noise seems to have disappeared....now if i could just remember how to operate the machine
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    dbams reacted to RunningThreads in Track lighting above long arm?   
    Matt Sparrow posted an inexpensive light system many years ago.  I would use led shop light instead of the fluorescent lamps as they are  only slightly more money.  On the set I made for the Millie I also used a wireless outlet switch and velcroed the remote to the power advance switch box. When I got it to my liking I took the pipe outside and sprayed it flat black to match the table.  https://manquilter.wordpress.com/2009/09/23/new-lighting-for-2009-apqs-millennium/
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    dbams reacted to piozzo in Bobbin thread too tight when bobbin inserted   
    Hi,  I tried checking all those things and you were right.  For some reason that bobbin was thicker than all the others.  But I did get everything cleaned out, oiled, and rechecked.  Thanks!
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    dbams reacted to NHDeb in A Lion-size Dream   
    Posting here for those not part of the facebook group.
    Not a really great picture - but it's finally done and gifted to my son for his move-in at school next month.
    Applique center pattern "Majesty" by Gina Reddin Designs, borders are created with 'curved braid' by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. 
    Quilted on my Lenni with SoFine and Aurifil threads, Quilters Dream Wool Batting. All hand-guided - freehand faux McTavishing and some rulers. 
    I've been pantograph quilting for almost 5 years and only started FMQ this year.
    This project stretched me in a LOT of ways - especially as it was for my youngest child as he leaves (1,000+miles) for college!

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    dbams reacted to LibbyG in Dresden Plate   
    My customer pieced this using scraps from her stash.  She gave me a quilting design she found online.  I'd give credit to the quilter, if I knew who designed it.  The borders weren't showing so I used feathers and beadboard.  She used a 1/4 inch inner border and asked me to keep it straight.  Fortunately it was only a lap quilt.  I used So Fine and Bottom Line, my favorite threads when custom quilting.  And Hobbs 80/20.  DeLoa Jones' boomerang really came in handy to circle around the dresden plates.
    dresden plate by Libby G, on Flickr
    dresden plate (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
    dresden plate (3) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    dbams reacted to Irene Graber in Just got my Lenni   
    Hi everyone,   I’m new to this forum.  I just got my Lenni all set up and I did my first practice on it with a pantograph.  Didn’t do too bad for my first attempt.