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  1. Vicki, I'm in frisco, just north of dallas and east of lewisville. quilt country is one of my favorites, so is quilt asylum in McKinney, and if you love batiks, you will love love love fabric fanatics in plano - i swear they have every batik ever made and their prices are incredible. Plano has a show each year in august, and dallas has a show each year in march. good luck with your move!
  2. love all of the ideas here, especially the vertical one. for now, I store mine in my a closet!
  3. you could put this on a quilt of mine anytime. from what I see they are great!
  4. Melissa, I'm glad you tried to steal my machine in that class, other wise I never would have met you in person :-) funny how life works some times. i loved Jamie's class, it was great. CAN't wait to go again next year!!
  5. i took classes with Jamie Wallen, Dawn Cavanaugh, Angela Walters, Lisa Sipes and Elaine Huffman. wow, my brain hurt after taking 6 classes, but I would have taken more if I could have fit it in. My favorite teachers and classes were Jamie Wallen and Dawn Cavanaugh, both are incredible teachers, patient, kind but also willing to challenge you to bring you to the next level by giving you feedback that was helpful. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be taught by two amazing people! as for goodies - i didn't see anything new from a gadget perspective that was a must have. I bought a few straight rulers, some pantos from willow leaf and anne bright, 2 of jamie's DVD's, magnifico thread from superior to try, and a set of leader grips.
  6. count me in! I'll be there weds through Friday evening.
  7. I found that my vac was taking a beating also, but not for much longer - hardwood floors are being installed next week! hurray! I try and bag my threads - I have this vision that once they collect to a reasonable size there is some decorative thing i'll do with them in a mason jar with ribbon -but, who knows. I also take a piece of painters tape, turn it in side out and stick it on my shirt when I am quilting, any threads that I have, I just stick on the tape, then toss the tape when i'm done quilting. It isn't elegant, but it works and helps keep them off of the floor.
  8. i have a 440 and an Activa. I love them both and never have had an issue with either. I use the 440 practically every day, and it is 10 years old, runs like a dream still. the activa is only about 2 years old, also no issues. Never an issue. after spending many days, nights and weekends with my machines, I find I use the same features all the time - and 99% of the time it is the straight stitch. I saw the 730s and 830's at the local quilt shows and at the local bernina dealer, but for what I use it is too much machine - and the price would seriously impact my fabric and thread budget :-) I agree with what the others say, test drive it, a machine is a big investment and can impact how much you love or dread using it. If it is right for you, you'll know it once you spend some time with the machine. funny story about Bernina, hubby and I were traveling through Germany and decided to just point the car in a direction and go explore. we ended up in Switzerland - at the Bernina factory. I went in and took my photo in the lobby, and then in front of the sign as well. boy I was a happy girl to find that on our adventure that day!
  9. i'd also check the needle size, it is the right size for that type of thread?
  10. oh, I am sad for you. I ride a harley trike, and love every minute of it. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed you find a way to stay riding and keep your face in the wind!
  11. I'm there Sunday (visiting family and friends) through the following sunday, and will be at the show for classes Weds, Thurs and Fri. I am staying at the hilton garden inn. It would be great to put a real face behind the computer face :-)
  12. i've got the dyson animal (purple one) as well. had the same one for over 7 years and it has handeled up to 4 dogs and two cats in my house at one time. the dyson is so good you would never know we had pets in our house. I'll always stick with dyson!
  13. Cheri, I am so sorry for the hurt you are feeling and the sorrow you have in your heart. May the memories you, your family and Elmer have shared bring you some peace and comfort during this difficult time. Christine
  14. Cheri and Elmer, I cannot imagine the hurt and suffering you and your family are going through. Please know we are all thinking of you and wishing you well.
  15. bookmarked! will be coming back to this often!
  16. saw this on the apqs blog this morning, thought it was a good reference:
  17. so I called my sister and asked if she really wanted to use canvas/flannel combo I would make it work. She asked if i'd use it on my own quilt and I stole Linda's comment "who wants to snuggle with canvas". we both laughed. this is my older sister, and slowly I am teaching her how to quilt. it has been a loooong journey, made harder by the fact for the past 6 years we live 1600 miles from one another. I'm in the south, she's in the north. her quilts are my favorite to work on. they wont win any awards, nothing ever matches or lines up and sometimes they wave more than the american flag during a wind storm, but what she lacks in technique, she makes up for with spirit and enthusiasm in abundant supply needless to say, a different back is now on order and will be here soon. thanks for giving me the gracious words to help her see an alternative!
  18. I received a quilt top today that is made 100% of flannel - and the quilt back is a canvas type material. Not sure if anyone has experience with this interesting combination before. thankfully, it belongs to my sister so I already gave her a loving "what were you thinking" kind of look and told her let me investigate further before I commit to a canvas back. what do you all think - should I give it a go or get a new back? I'm worried about the weight of the quilt once it is all done and also that the weave from the flannel is so different than the canvas.
  19. wow, you are the model of encouragement!! that is quite an accomplishment!