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  1. I am not a lefty, but left eye dominant. When I first got my machine I really tried to pantos from right to left, but just couldn't do it. 3 months I suffered. Then I tried it left to right, with great success. I attended an APQS road show near by and asked if this would hurt my machine. The team assured me I would be fine. I have been quilting for 3 years now, on the front of the machine from left to right for custom quilts, and on the back left to right for pantos with no problem.

    I sometimes have to pay close attention with panto patterns regarding the direction of the design, but other that it has been smooth stitching!

  2. I am going along nicely on my Millie and hit an intersection......just the spot where several seams intersect, and I hear the noise, whew just a thread break. Check the needle, there is a burr. Replace the needle. Do a test on the side, forward, back, side to side and circles. Looks good. Pay close attention, slow going...and it happens again. This needle breaks in half..Yikes! Do I dare look? The shaft of the needle has clearly shredded the fabric front and back. Deep breath....I have retimed the machine and have done a test. Seems to be ok. But I am scared s---less to go on. How do I repair? At first thought, use some fray check, stick a piece of fusible web along with a piece of matching fabric underneath. But it is a white area. Then the thought hit me....the forum .....reach out for help and suggestions for repair and how to calm down! Take a step back......

  3. I appreciate all for taking the time to share your comments. I am not seasoned enough to think that I could do this in one path, so for me too stop and start but keep the same design element was my goal this time. My dry erase board is my best evening companion at times! These are 12 inch blocks, I thought it was time to live on the edge and try something challenging! thanks again.

  4. I will try to post a picture of my lastest customer quilt and the design that I plan on using. Would like some input if you think this will be too busy.... It is rather large 97 x84 with a pieced backing that if I load it top to bottom, the seam will be vertical. I prefer my seams to be horizontal. I consider myself a rule breaker....can't I just give the whole thing a 1/4 turn on the frame and quilt it sideways? Thank you for looking and any suggestions that you might have.


  5. I have found that when I am hand stitching the binding on the underside, if I make a fold in the corner going in the opposite direction as the fold on the front, the corner lays much nicer/flatter. I also purchased Clover Wonder clips that actually keep the binding in place while hand stitching. Once I get to the corner the binding is laying nice and flat and just waiting to be tacked down. Hope this helps!

  6. I have been approached to do a quilt to be given at a "Homes for Our Troops" ceremony in the month of March. In the discussion with the client she has some concerns with what type of batting should be used. I suggested Quilters Dream or Hobbs 80/20. Both of which I use frequently and have no problems. Because this is going to a veteran with a paralytic injury she stated a concern with a cotton/poly blend when used in addition with an electric blanket....well first of all I am not in favor of using a quilt and an electric blanket together...but I was wondering if a wool batting would be a better suggestion for her....

  7. Loose the guilt, quickly! You are going to have so much fun you are going to wish you had done it years ago....My husband and I were out last night at a business functon of his , and I overheard him several times telling assoiciates about "my quilting machine and what I can do" he has been such a supporter for me this last year it has been great. And I absolutely love what I am doing! You will too.

  8. About a month ago someone posted exact instructions on how to post pictures on this forum. I thought I saved the post but can not find it. I have tried to do a search but have come up empty handed. I was able to upload right away with these instructions but now I must be missing a step...If you are out there please post again, sorry for the second request.

  9. I can't seem to post a picture of this quilt, but of all things it is pieced out of batiks..... to be specific a rainbow of pinks and purples....and you know how fussy they can be with needle marks. So I have chosen one of my favorite pantos, "Clematis". I do not want to do any frogging on this thing....but I wanat it to look noce. Anykind of quilting, in my opinion is not going to show up very well because of the fabric.

  10. I have had my machine for a year now and have been doing charity quilts for one of our local guilds an love doing them, however, in August of this year I started charging customers for my work. I recently stopped into one of our local shops in the area with a few samples of my work, thinking this would be a good way to get the word out that I was available. Much to my surprise she handed me a quilt with backing and batting and said, "Show me what you can do, so I can show my customers." My gut tells me to do this as a freebie in hopes that she will refer me in the future, but wanted to get everyon's opinion.