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  1. Robin, up until a week ago I was sailing along with ease...then all of a sudden on the last 2 rows of a panto quilt I was trying to finish I started having trouble. Like you I was very frustrated. This panto was not that hard to do. My curves looked crooked. I stopped and left it alone until the morning. But the next day same thing happened. I had difficulty moving the machine in some directions but not all. I got out the manual. checked all the wheels....Turns out my front wheels on the rail were loose, very loose. I had to tighted them from underneath and then loosen the top bolt jus
  2. Jenny Haskins has a product that she calls Sheer Magic. She does and lot of embroidery on silks. She backs all her embroidery with this stabilier. It is an iron on and eliminates all the puckering that can be associated with embroidery. It i The product also adds body to the silk. I have seen her demos and could not believe what she could do on silk. Our local quilt shop carries it because they sell sewing/embroidery machines, but others might too.
  3. I have learned so much from these forums. Lets see if the picture upload instructions helped. This is a little quilt I did for myself.
  4. I do a fair amount of embroidery and use embroidery library them all the time. They "always" have sales going on. I think this morning already I rec'd a 40% off order coupon. Check out their monthly free designs too. I will try to pick out a design to in some way match the theme of the quilt....and some times throw this in as an option if the customer wants a label to go along with their quilt....
  5. Thank you all "sew" much for this little tip...It works great!
  6. I am new to this forum and look forward daily to everyone's comments and quilt photos. I am happy to say that I am the proud owner of a Millie as of last December. I have had so much fun! I have joined a local quilt guild and have been doing some charity quilts for practice along with some store displays for our local sewing center. I recently came across the Cirle Lords tool and how it could increase my design base. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!