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  1. If you were to have a Quilt Top ready to take it and have it finished, Would it matter if it was done with a Long Arm or Mid Arm? Prodiving that the quilter was doing it free motion or panto, frame and the knowledge to do it. Please exlain...
  2. Great tip! I've never done that and certainly never thought of it, Thanks!
  3. I know this may be an elementary subject for a lot of you guys but I was wondering ...Has anyone ever done one of those stuffed Turkey panels? I'm having some trouble with the back tail feathers part trying to get them aligned with the dots on the body. It doesn't seem right to me.
  4. He's got some crazy, zanny and whacked out characters in his books that will leaving you laughing out loud! But beware, it has language and scenario's that some of you may not approve of.
  5. I know this is a really, really old post, but I got this book about 5 months ago at a yard sale for $1. I find neat sewing stuff sometimes. So you might try that if you haven't already got the book.
  6. Bonnie & Tamarack, I plan to keep practicing FM everyday and the advice/tips you guys are giving me mean so much!
  7. So what tension setting would you recommend for my MC6300?
  8. Good question!! And Thanks for posting Bottonflower cause I have my rail fence that needs SID finished up. But it makes perfect sense to sid on it to keep square.
  9. I am realizing that buying large spools of cheap thread isn't a great deal as previously thought. I am attempting to learn free motion on my domestic machine and want good quality thread that's going to last. So what's the good stuff cost w/o breaking the bank? Thanks for reading my post!!
  10. I'm confused about the corner blocks. Some are calling them a nine patch and others piano keys, which is it?
  11. Yes, Superior Thread's MonoPoly thread comes in both clear or smoke. My answer to your ditching question is that if the seam is pressed open, yes, you do literally stitch in the seam. But if the seam is pressed to the side, you can't stitch in the seam, so you stitch on the lower side of the seam, as close as you can to the higher side. I have always used the stitch regulator when ditching, usually set about 11 spi. Recently, I've discovered that if the stitch regulator is off, the machine does not bounce as much. So I now ditch with no SR, at as low a speed as my machine will do and still run -- a little over 7. Is it just LA that have stitch regulators?
  12. Just curious....on the backing if it were a tiny rose bud print, How would that look?
  13. Bonnie, is that how you guys come up with neat designs on your quilts? You get some paper, sit down while studying the quilt and start sketching idea's? Looks like the design showing would look great. But I am no expert by any means!