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  1. Patty, That's just the perfect design for that quilt...looks great!!
  2. John, here's an addendum if you're "listening".... I took off the needle plate cover to check the finger going into the bobbin basket and interestingly enough, I could pick up the bobbin thread with the needle plate cover off, but when I put it back on again, same problem. Does that make any sense? :cool:
  3. I have had difficulty for awhile with my stitching and had talked to Connie. Timing it was suggested as I have broken a needle awhile ago and sewed over a pin. I had never had to time it before. I had step by step instructions she emailed me and I did do the last step you mentioned. Still no luck with being able to bring up my bobbin thread. I can pull and pull and it just sits there and would break if I try to pull it up. Thanks for responding to my questions.
  4. I adjusted my timing this weekend and my machine is stitching much better.... (Was having looping problems). But now, I can't get my bobbin thread to come up to secure my stitches. It's just stuck and when I try pulling the bobbin thread up, it breaks off. Any ideas? I don't know why this is happening.
  5. Judy, Thanks so much for your faux trapunto advice...I'm gonna give it a whirl in the borders......can hardly wait! Your McTavishing looks great and I'm trying that also for the first time. To everyone else who doesn't think their work is good enough........we have ALL been there and we still ALL are at times I betcha! There are some of my quilts I absolutely love when I'm done and some where I think, I could've done better! But it always looks better when it's done and off the frame.....and you will continue to surprise yourself. I used to admire machine quilters and think,
  6. Hi Judy, Thanks for your great suggestion and picture....it's gorgeous! Is that "McTavishing" you did on your quilt? How do you "place" the extra batting in your quilt for faux trapunto? Sounds dumb but I really don't know much about it. Selah:)
  8. (Tried posting this once and must have goofed!) I love doing freehand and have become much more daring after almost 3 years but would really like to do some trapunto...don't know much about it at all. Today I received an old-fashioned looking quilt with hand-stitched yo-yo's of all colors and stems all over it with a purple scalloped border. It is gorgeous and hope I can do justice to it....seems to be "screaming":) for feathers in an all white border area next to the scalloped border. Any ideas how to best mark this white area? Sure wish I could try some trapunto there. Selah:)
  9. So do you bring up your bobbin thread when you stop too? Cuz' I've been told to do that and when I try that, I have trouble with it breaking off. Selah:o
  10. I always pull up my threads in starting so that's not really a problem. For some reason, it's more with the stopping. Maybe I do stitch too long in one spot when stopping. Dumb question but what is the best way to stop your stitching with an Ult. 1? I usually use Hobbs or Warm/natural batting and my bobbin tension is good. My top thread is usually Superior and bobbin thread is prewound APQS. Thanks everyone!
  11. Can anyone out there give me some hints as far as those darn "birds nests" that end up on the back of the quilt when starting and stopping? I have an Ult. 1 and have difficulty with my starts and stops, particularly with my stops. Help! Selah :mad:
  12. Hi out there. I haven't been around to check for replies until today. Thanks so much for your answers on floating quilt tops. This site is so helpful! Talk to you soon! Selah;)
  13. Hi out there, I'm brand new to this site today. Can anyone give me info on "floating a top?" I've heard of it and saw it demonstrated once but to me it seems very time consuming. Do a lot of you do this? Pinning on the quilt is so time consuming itself. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Selah
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