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  1. Can't you send a letter (just like you wrote here) to the judge? Anyone? I've thought I've heard of that before, maybe your BIL's attorney will know? BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL and especially Madison (she is lucky to have you in her life!). XOXOXO
  2. Wondering about the grease pack? I think I heard once it can separate and leak an oily substance under the plate on the bottom? Call APQS - maybe it is time to re-pack the grease? Also, Mark once said most people "over oil" their machines. Each time you go in to quilt (especially if it's been awhile) lay your open hand on top of the oil wicks - if your palm has shiny spots, you still have enough oil. Good Luck!
  3. Ask her? If you are set on going ahead with it and floating - it might work "o.k." if you have a larger sweeping (circular, swirly, or meandering) pattern to do so you can use your left hand (if you are right-handed) to help coax any extra fabric bubbles in? If she wants custom, I say wait and find out what she used and talk to her, you are only asking for troubles as the natural "sucking up" of the quilt and the air bubbles or stuck sections try to compete? (not very technical terms obviously!) GOOD LUCK and let us know what happens!
  4. Sorry about your basement - but look at those beautiful quilts! EXCELLENT!
  5. Beautiful Quilting - you'll have to show us the pleat and what you do with it?!
  6. ADORABLE! Love that border - how did you do it (just rulers)
  7. Try the "used-for sale" forum post here, House of Hanson - or even a local paper or classified. Also, Dave Jones does a great job of setting up the machines, going through them, timing etc.
  8. Have you tried any of the machines? Is there a dealer near you or a quilt show? I personally started with a stretch-arm and Grace frame, up-graded a couple times and have LOVED the APQS machines, although alot of people love the Innova?! you've got to try them. As for size, yes I upgraded (which means sold my machine to someone nearby and bought a bigger one with more features -some used), to bigger and better and finally found the 14' frame was too big for me and my space, but once I tried a regulated stitch I was hooked! So now I have a Millennium (probably don't use all the 26" of spac
  9. WOW - I more than LOVE it when you see the rest of the photos!!! How did you do the squares through the yellow centered blocks - ruler, panto?
  10. Is your quilt sandwich too tight? I'm not much help - Good luck and let us know what you do!
  11. LOVE your quilting! What did you use for the border of squares on point?
  12. I recently saw a beautiful example of a crazy quilt - bright colors, nice larger size, all kinds of handwork, dated in the 19th century on Antiques Roadshow and they valued it at $3 - 5K - I thought that price wasn't high enough! But $250K . . . hmmm
  13. You do such a good job - you're in demand! Seems like you have posted quite a few finished lately too! You have been really busy! I guess lots of business is better than none (anyone near you could share the work load with if it gets to be too much?!) Keep up the beautiful work and keep sharing photos!
  14. Michael - is that 20% off of the $299 (Queen) or is that the sale price?
  15. I'll say you've mastered it! BEAUTIFUL! I sure hope you are getting paid well! Thanks for sharing!
  16. WOW! Your quilting is GREAT - and SO MANY BEAUTIFUL quilts! Thanks for sharing!
  17. LOVE it! Your feathers are so great - they look computer generated!!!! You are AMAZING!
  18. that is striking! He will love it! Did you pre-mark the border or just start with the half circles and then keep adding on? Thanks for sharing!
  19. My husband took a pretty piece of wood (oak) about 1" thick and you could make it as long or wide as you want. With the table saw he cut grooves in it the long ways (you can buy these ruler holders) but . . . I could have him cut them as wide as I wanted and as close together as I wanted. The rulers/templates slip in the groove and are stored upright (doesn't take a lot of room either).