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  1. Beautiful! Hope it raises alot of money - sorry about your loss.
  2. I really like that top - can't wait to see it quilted. I agree that outlining the stars would be wonderful! What is that called - is it a pattern?
  3. "why" do you like the open toe foot? You can't use it with rulers correct?
  4. I make hot pads all the time (mostly for other people), just finally threw away some of my own 15 year old ones burned on the edge and stained! I use all types of batting scraps (thin) and a layer of teflon (the ironing board stuff) layer: thin batting-teflon (silver away from hand)-thin batting Although I have tried the "thermal batting" and it works great too, I do add a thin layer of batting close to the hand. p.s. layer your fabrics and fillers and hold up against an iron to test!
  5. I'm interested in participating too. I have Hobbs Tuscany 90% silk 10% resin bonded poly Also lots of Hobbs Polydown Thanks!
  6. Which size? 1/4, .625, or mid,short, or long arm? - or is it the push button system? I'm confused, but it's probably just me?
  7. If the fabrics are busy you probably won't see much of the quilting? I've attached another braid quilt - looks kind of like an allover (or at least a swirl in each piece)? There was also a book (this quilt is not from the book to my knowledge), I think looks fun. Good luck! Post when done!
  8. I had just upgraded to the Edgeriders when M & M's came out? Interested to see what you think - p.s. it's interesting the way your handles go on the front of the machine?!
  9. Found a paper panto version:
  10. Just so happens I have a close up of my ends for another post - I just used alot of washers? You can buy thick plastic ones at home improvement stores? I leave my extended plate on all the time (Donita Reeves)!
  11. Hope these help, sorry, I don't know how to post more than 1 photo at a time?!
  12. I have an Ult I with square tube frame - and I have 4 bars (including the leveler bar), if you have questions, send me your email and I'll take more photos, etc whatever you need. Cathy