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  1. BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE to look at your photostream - have to pull myself away! Thanks for sharing (always)!!!
  2. I LOVE the colors you put with them! the quilting is beautiful - THANKS FOR SHARING!
  3. Gorgeous! you always have beautiful quilts to quilt! lots of talented people near you! and you always make them shine! Thanks for sharing
  4. Hope we'll see you more often - loved your work! So sorry about your mom's passing . . hope you have lots of great memories!
  5. Not sure if I can attach this too, but here are a couple GREAT ideas from this forum that I saved?! under quilt frame storage.pdf
  6. This photo is hard to see, but I like having my Circle Lord boards underneath and so I could also have some totes, my husband built this simple shelf so I can have both, then I just cover with a piece of clear vinyl for dust, threads, etc . . . I like using the room under there but I like a lot of "toe room" too? that cord across the front is my foot pedal advance - I too had Dave Jones put my cords up under the back off the floor!!!! His lights are great!
  7. Heidi: Do you use the existing wiring AND the little box for power or is the little box the switch? After you test, I'm also curious about your micro drive handles and whether or not the light works with them better? Thanks! Cathy
  8. How would you quilt this strange adaptation of a bargello? I have no idea - but I would LOVE to see what you come up with! Good Luck!
  9. Love It! Is the background fabrics flannels? Can't wait to see it finished (you HAVE to share now!)
  10. Wish they had a "love this" button instead of just "like"! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Yes, the #8 screw! Amy helped me adjust that on the phone - APQS is great! Try "another" new needle and also, your quilt sandwich isn't too tight is it?
  12. Call APQS too! (although Zekes help is GREAT!) Let us know what happens and good luck!
  13. Get on the phone with APQS! If it's a distinct sound - I'm sure they can help you on the phone!
  14. Oh Valerie! That is ADORABLE! your quilting really sets it off! I love the spider webs in the corners!
  15. Beautiful tops! When I read the topic title and saw your picture - at first I thought you meant you couldn't quilt anymore "my fun time is ending" and I thought NO - I love to see Dell's wonderful creations. Glad to know you'll still be quilting and you are any excellent piecer too! Thanks for sharing!
  16. I bought the grip-lite which are wider and help secure more of the side. Here is a thread about them: You can google them to buy them, they come with the elastic. When I went to replace the elastic, I went to JoAnn's about bought 1 in red elastic - now I can see where the clip and where the elastic is? Also, years ago, people would buy the regular clamps at someplace like Harbor Freight and just replace the elastic. Or of course you can get them from APQS, especially if you need the velcro part that attaches to the frame.
  17. WOW BEAUTIFUL! did you quilt over the roses, just curious? what size is it? Thanks for sharing!
  18. I use (AND LOVE) these pens for half square triangle marking, 1/4" corner dots, adding 1/4" to applique pieces or under applique pieces. All of these things still have ironing in the process. I don't think I would use on a quilt top for quilting . . . just my humble opinion.
  19. I LOVED my Ultimate I with Intelli-stitch! It had some neat features - that although, I love my newer Millennium - I think it was just as good!