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  1. This looks like great light! Can you leave your micro-drive handles on? I just leave the bracket on, not the handles themselves.
  2. re-thread checking for burrs or pieces of thread (esp in the bobbin area) - new needle? Someone will come on with the perfect advice! Take a deep breath, walk away and go back - it will help calm you! Good Luck!
  3. Congratulations! How exciting to have a dedicated space!!!
  4. Welcome Adrean! Wishing you the very best - this forum is the best thing ever!
  5. Linda - I just love clicking through your photos! Sylvia - Can't wait to see what you do with this!
  6. Your Quilting is FANTASTIC! I love the colors and design - but you nailed it!
  7. WOW! Stunning quilting! Thanks for sharing
  8. Gorgeous! Your quilting is fantastic - thanks for sharing and the sharing the wreath! What is the panto (if it is) on your blog heading? That is cute too!
  9. Please be sure to let us see what you come up with! Good Luck, I know you'll make it great!
  10. I think a feather panto would look good! Besides, the fabrics are too busy to show custom very much?
  11. That photo is adorable!!! Starting them sewing/quilting young (if they are interested) really helps later on! My daughter has sewn with me since she was 4! now that she's 24, she needs very little direction at all! Doesn't sew/quilt alot with work and school, but she knows how! now, my DIL (love her to death!) is older and never learned to sew or quilt. she "thinks" she wants to do it all - I have tried to patiently teach her everything I can but I think she likes the "idea" of quilting more than the quilting itself (and maybe spending time with me, which is very sweet) - but I finally l
  12. I've used one that is called a "knit picker" it's at JoAnn's too?
  13. I just finished my husbands all flannel quilt and used wool AND thin poly/cotton thinking I needed the additional stability - it is too thick, wish I'd just used the wool! It's very warm but a little stiff too. Let us know how it works for you?
  14. You probably already did this - but did you turn up the stitches? ctrl green on the right?
  15. That panto fits it perfectly - style and size! Thanks for sharing!
  16. Betsy: I can't run my bobbin very loose either?! I always thought it was me - if I do the drop test any longer than 2" my top needs to be so loose the nut almost falls off - despite all the other suggestions I've ever read on this forum! I use 100% cotton (Signature) most of the time?
  17. Well, gosh another traveler from Wyoming to St. George - I'm only 5 hours away and I hardly ever get to go there?! Where do you stay, family?
  18. The title and your post are cute! As everyone says above - try them all and decide what is most important for you. My friend has an Innova and really likes it - but I don't know that they have anything like this forum. APQS is very happy to help you over the phone (even if you bought your machine second hand) and everyone on here is so helpful! Not that you couldn't still come here - but, she had a couple things she needed on her machine (add CL, stitch issues) and she paid the gentleman to come up here (we are north of Salt Lake City). Those things Amy or Dawn (or anyone here) can help
  19. That is great the way you included some of the appliques - what a fun quilt! thanks for sharing!
  20. We should always trust our "gut feelings"! Besides, I think it would be boring to do t-shirts quilts exclusively?!
  21. I LOVE IT! That took alot of planning and careful placement to "interlock" the Cogs as you did and the piecing was great (love the colors you chose), what thread did you use - you can really see the great quilting design without being too distracting on the prints?