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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Kwiltr in Triple Barn Star   
    This is a quilt kit I purchased from Craftsy a couple of years ago that l finally made up and have just finished the quilting on. It will be a Wedding gift to a friend's daughter who was married this week. Our girls started Grade 2 together and they are now early 30's. You can't but wonder where all that time went!
    I learned a few things on this quilt, which is par for the course, especially now that I am quilting on the Lenni. How to handle a vertically pieced backing...make sure you don't miss that batting you use to take up the slack on the rollers, they don't all "fall out". Ask me how I know.  The pattern of the quilt isn't throat size friendly for a Lenni, so lots of rolling ahead and back in those big triangles and I turned the quilt to quilt the last two big feathers and the medium sized ones and found pinning to the leaders didn't require as much extra fabric on the edges to work. Tried some new quilting motifs and some went better than others. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  

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    cmkeindl1 reacted to T Row Studio in Collage Quilts   
    Hi since the Red Deer Quilt show , I showed two of my collage quilts I made the giraffe and the cow. These created quite a stir in our area. I have been booked to do 10 classes all over our province I have done three already I just finished the newest pattern by Laura Heine it is a pincushion. How many still have a tomato pin cushion.   I know I do. Have a Great Day
    Before picture


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    cmkeindl1 got a reaction from Optine75 in APQS Longarm Giveaway!!   
    Did I miss the monthly winner(s) of the basket of goodies?  APQS was going to draw monthly for baskets and then the final drawing will be in December!
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    cmkeindl1 got a reaction from nana di in I won.....   
    Congrats! Love your matching pants!
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to LisaC in Friend's memory quilt   
    Very cool quilting designs beautifully executed! She is going to love it.
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Laura Farnham in Feathers on Silk,.....   
    First time stitching on Silk,... wasn't too bad,....
    My customer said she wanted feathers,..... 
    the challenge was not being able to mark the spines,....
    so I cut out the shape from paper and just laid on the quilt top,,,
    when I started stitching,... I would move paper and stitch in design,... 
    worked well,.... and placement was pretty good,..... 
    Used silk batting too....  Cotton backing,....
    and Glide thread,.... 

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    cmkeindl1 reacted to T Row Studio in Long arm ruler storage   
    I wanted to share with you what I did yesterday.
    I have been thinking about this for a while, storage for my Long arm rulers.
    My BH and I created an area under my long arm table to store them.
    I own a 2005 Millie and had it blissed a year and a half ago. So I had extra  Rails and table top.
    I did not want to drop the rails down and create another shelf as my husband built me a rolling batting holder for under my machine.
    So I came up with this design and  I LOVE IT. I can see and find them and have lots of room to buy more. 

    More pictures of the process on my facebook page, if you click on the photos there is a breif description of how I made my shelf.
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to judyday in What about depreciating the longarm on my taxes   
    My husband and I had a terrible accident a couple of days after I posted this. We were driving our team of horses and a small wagon when an older man who could not see and should not have been driving hit us from behind driving about 55.we are broken and bruised but believe we will have no permanent damage. We had to put one horse down. She surely did not deserve that Needless to say I have not been able to research. Had some head injuries am in a neck brace. But praise God we are alive. The man suffered no physical damage but I am sure he is suffering remorse. I will still do yhis just not sure when.
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Sheagatzi in A modern quilt for my bed   
    I call myself the 'cobbler with no shoes'  because I quilt for everyone else except me!  
    So my goal was to make a quilt for our new house,   our new bed....
    I wanted calm neutral colours reminding me of sand or pebbles.....I made this quilt  using the pattern "Sweet Garden" from Carolina Patchworks.    I was intending to make the entire king size with this pattern -  and I did.  Then I hated it, so I chopped 2/3s of the pattern off and added white for some neutral breathing space.  
    Simple quilting in between the blocks.   
    And then I got carried away in the white.     [
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to RoseCity Quilter in Mom's Bali Wedding Star   
    I finished quilting this quilt for my Mom Recently! There is a special story about who she made it for, if your interested read all about it on my blog, https://rosecityquilter.wordpress.com/2015/07/21/moms-quilt-for-her-brother/

    Mom's Bali Wedding Star by -RoseCity Quilter-

    Mom's Bali Wedding Star by -RoseCity Quilter-

    Mom's Bali Wedding Star by -RoseCity Quilter-
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Mary Beth in Tomorrow is the BIG Day   
    Finally, I will be loading a real quilt tomorrow to quilt on my new to me Freedom!!! Pictures to come. It will only be a panto, since the fabric is so busy. But hey! It is start.
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Quilting Heidi in Star quilt finally off the frame!   
    I finally got my star quilt quilted.  I've also named it Luminous Splendor.  It has been accepted in MQX so I have to hurry and get the binding done.  Here is a picture of a corner of the quilt.  This quilt is only 32 x 32 so this is almost to the middle :-).  I also included a picture of it soaking in the tub.  I always soak my quilts in the bathtub to remove all the blue marks.  Once it has soaked well, usually at least an hour or more, then I run it though my front loader on a delicate cycle.  Then I block it on a piece of insulation foam.  Next up is the binding!  I've decided on prairie points in pink and green.  I hope it work the way I think it will.  

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    cmkeindl1 reacted to BethDurand in Clean your rails.   
    Quilting along yesterday and "Pearly" is driving rough.  Well, look at all the lovely little black spots on her carriage.  Cleaned her wheels and rails, and she's back to smooth as glass!
    Today, all is well, but after about the 1/2 way point things get harder to move.  Hmm.  Could it be?  Sure enough, 65 lb dog is sleeping on the on the other side of the table, and when he laid down, he lay on the cord.  After moving the cord, she's much smoother again. 
    Just an FYI.
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Laura Farnham in Embroidered Christmas Quilt,...   
    Hi Mercedes,..
    let me see if I can explain my set up and what I used,.... 
    I work on my original 2006 Green Millenium,... It has the standard table,.. with upgraded M&M Wheels,...  (Non Blissed) 
    No lift,..  but I do have the machine set rather high,...  I am 6' tall.  I like to be right on the quilt when working,...
    I stitch mostly in Manual Mode,... and change stitch speed often,...  Love being able to change speed while stitching,  right at my fingertips,...
    My machine is not equipped with Quilt Glide,... I adjust the speed to my movement and get into the rhythm of the quilt.   
    My favorite accessories,  that I use almost exclusively,... are my Hartley products,... 
    I use the Hartley Expanded Base for rulers,..or when I need just a touch more drag on a quilt,... 
    I use the Hartley Fence for Circles,.. Arcs,, and Crosshatching,...  The arcs for the outer border of this quilt were made using the Hartley Fence Circle Maker,...
    (I love using this for most of my custom work,...  My hands have a hard time holding rulers,... this makes Curves,. Circles, Concentric Circles a breeze!!)
    for straight line work,... I use the hopping foot for my spacing,... if I want smaller spacing,.. I just measure half of the hopping foot,....  no rulers,... just put machine in manual
    mode and go,...  it's kinda relaxing,...   If you let your machine do the work...  it tracks quite nicely,... vertically and horizontally,... 
    Hmm,... I think that is it,... 
    HOT TAMALES!!!!  I love HOT TAMALES....  Must have them when working on a custom quilt,... (well,  any quilt actually!!!) 
    I hope this helps,... 
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Mary Beth in SOLD- Flourescent BLACK LIGHT w/ bulbs and pounce powder!!   
    If I remember right it is like magic chalk, so steam or maybe Mr Clean Magic Eraser. plus, you can mix it with white chalk to make it last longer. I loved this stuff. It is on my MQS list. You might google it, or maybe someone else here knows the answer. I've been away too long.
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    cmkeindl1 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Quilters are the best!!   
    I'm so glad it got there safe!
    Wishing you well on your "new to you" machine!
    Now, I still need to find the Hartley fence for my  Millie w/out the cutter . . . . 
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Mary Beth in Quilters are the best!!   
    Are the Lisa Calle rulers the ones with the slot you put your hopping foot in? I only tried that once, I swore never to try it again. My hopping foot hit ever part of that ruler. Scared me to pieces 
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Mary Beth in Quilters are the best!!   
    This time around I know that used is good too, if the price is right. I know I want a Rulermate, so I found one on the For Sale page. I bought it from Cathy, cmkeindl1, and it arrived today....with a pin cushion. Yay!!! Now I need a ruler or two. Thank you so much Cathy, that was so nice. 
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to chickenscratch in Y'all will be proud of me-I turned down a quilting job   
    You all know that I have really been working hard to build my customer base, including taking some less that perfect tops and doing the best I can with them.  A new customer contacted me and wanted quilting done. Nothing fancy- just a groovy board.   I was all set to start on it, but I ran into several problems.  The top was terribly out of square and had a parachute in the middle. The backing was 4 inches too narrow.  There is simply nothing I can do with it.  Here is the letter I sent by email today.
    Dear ,
    I find that I will be unable to quilt your top at this time.  As a longarm quilter, one of the things I must do before loading a quilt on the frame is insure that it is square- both the backing and the quilt top. This is necessary to maintain a straight and evenly spaced pattern, and to prevent taking tucks or pleats in the quilt top during the quilting process.  Unfortunately, your quilt top has some discrepancies in width and length.  There are a number of reasons this could occur, and if you need advice on remedying the situation I can help.
    The top narrow width of the quilt is 103.5 inches.  The other narrow end is 102 inches.  Across the center, the quilt is 108.5 inches.  That leaves a difference of 5 inches.  There is no way to quilt that flat and maintain the integrity of the quilt top.  You will end up with a big "cup" in the middle that will have to be eased in by taking tucks or moving fabric around.  In a quilt with so many straight lines and 45 degree angles, that would mess up the look your beautiful piecing pattern that you put so much hard work into.  The lengths on the long side have a similar issue.
    The most common reason this occurs is because people cut the outer sashing strips to a certain length (usually what the pattern says) and then pull that long straight piece tight as they attach it to the pieced quilt top. The easiest way to fix it would be to create new outer sashing strips that are closer to the actual measurement of the pieced section.  By removing your outer borders and placing your quilt on a hard flat surface, you can see if it is truly flat and square. then cut the outer strips to fit.
    I will be returning your quilt top, backing, and batting in the original box it arrived in. I will mail your check back in a separate envelope.  If you are able to get the sashing strips adjusted so the quilt is square and flat, I will happily quilt it for you.  It is really stunning and I can tell you put a lot of hard work into creating it.
    Teresa Taylor
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    cmkeindl1 got a reaction from judyday in Need some help with this   
    Sounds fun! Be sure to show your quilt when done!!
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    cmkeindl1 got a reaction from judyday in Need some help with this   
    All great advice!!!
    Try laying different thread colors out across the orange and white and squint to see what you are looking for?
    Can't wait to see finished, I think it will be great!
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to delld in My DRESDEN PLATE   
    In the early 90's my mom wanted a blue and yellow quilt. So I started to collect as many fabrics as I could. In 1996 I finished her quilt and gave it to her for her birthday that year. I quilted it very simple using nylon thread. I loved it so much I took the left over fabric to make me a quilt too. I started that year and almost finished but put it away. This year (2015) I pulled it out and added the borders and the week of Christmas I put it on Frannie Ann and finished it. We have had nasty weather and I haven't been able to block it. I used Metro 2003 green thread and blue Floraini quilting thread blue. My Creative Stitches Spring Sunrise designs (with Quilt Path) and my Quiltazoid to do the quarter inch piano keys to fill in. he plate blades are freehand. I used Fil-Tech bobbins. Yes that is corded binding. Thanks for looking.
    I'll have to find the pattern for the border.
    The Quilt
    20160106_140749 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
    The border
    20160106_140806 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
    The Border Corner
    20160106_140852 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
    The front
    20151230_233127 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
    The Back
    20151230_233043 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to delld in Very small but special   
    About 12 years ago I made a quilt for a friend's daughter that was recovering from breast cancer. I have had these last scraps sitting here and about two years I stitched them together and they had been waiting to be quilted. Well we lost Karen this year and her daughter is expecting her second daughter so I finished these and mailed them to Karen's mother (Mrs. so she could give them to give then to her granddaughter ( Stephanie) to put under the Christmas tree from Santa. Mrs. B was my very first BOSS!!!
    20151211_142933 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Quilting Regina in Previously Quilted Quilt   
    So I finally finished quilting the quilt.  It's my first one on a longarm.  It was fun and I learned a lot.  Anyway, I used Bottom Line in the top and bobbin for the cathedral window pattern in the chain area and the piano keys in the border, and So Fine 50 in the top for the quilting in the background fabric.  It's got some "irregularities" as you can imagine, but it's a present for my parents, so I'm sure they will be forgiving.  
    Thanks to all who gave advice for how to go about quilting it.  I ended up using Quilt Path for the design in the background square (Indian Summer Block by Patricia Ritter) and free handing the cathedral windows and piano keys.

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    cmkeindl1 reacted to Zora in Need some help with this   
    Gray would blend with both the white and the red..not disappearing on the white, but not glaring out on the red. If you use a fine thread such as SoFine the thread will not be noticeable and you will see just the texture so as not to compete with the piecing.
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