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  1. my thread is breaking and I changed my needle half way through my small last quilt is there something I should do different when quilting with fannel as the backing. my stitches look great on back and front.
  2. Joyce, I checked her web site and did not see it there, try and email her and see if she sells it. It could just be @ her classes, not sure about that. This is in book form for the computer. Her site is, I believe. Good luck it is well worth the money.
  3. class was wonderful, wish I could be @ the rest of them this weekend. DeLoa has me so excited, I bought her DVD, and her rulers, and I have been using the white board since I came home and can not put it down, tomorrow to the machine, to try out all the new wonders. Plan to go to more of her classes in future.
  4. very cool with the balck feathers, yes they are right it gives it dimension
  5. when putting on a boarder of feathers going clock wise, is there a right direction and do the feathers flare up or down or does it matter?