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  1. Have you found that they obscure the light from the LED lights, or am I doing something wrong? (I have a 2012 Freedom) It is really bad when I have them flipped up between uses--a real pain when I plan to use them on certain areas of the quilt and not others--I hate to have to take them off all the time.
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I was really hoping someone had already figured out how to resolve the issue I am having! I have hydraulic lifts on this machine, as I've had on my other machines, which is a wonderful convenience and I use a lot, but it does not really affect the reach situation. I understand that the reach of the head is limited by the throat space--this is why I was questioning table modification to possibly remove the wasted space that having the bars stick out as far as they do creates. I have thought about moving the backing roller directing under the top roller, but I do understand there will be some issues with that... I will keep thinking and hopefully come up with something. When I do, I'll be sure and post what I come up with!!
  3. I have stretched a long piece of bungee cord between the legs of my machine that I use to hold back the quilt top and batting when I float my quilts. There are several different weights at your hardware store--go for a medium to heavier weight so that it keeps it held back. If it's too light weight the weight of the fabric/batting will flex it too much. It will never be quite as smooth as the pipes, but its worked for me for years and is very inexpensive!! AND...you can work around the stuff you have under your machine.
  4. I love my new Freedom, but after having owned several different machines, I really dislike that the distance between the edge of my quilting space and by body is a full 8.5-9" due to the placement of the backing roller. If the backing rollers sat immediately below the "top" roller, that amount would be reduced by a full 4", which is a lot when you consider the area of work space you have the greatest amount of physical control of your machine for detail work. My question--has anyone repositioned their backing roller, or, alternatively, swapped the backing roller with the top roller, eliminating the existing backing roller? (I'm not sure that would even work due to elevation.) I don't want to just remove the top roller to float my top--I want to eliminate the wasted space to get closer to my work. I would prefer to keep both rollers, because I like the resistance the top roller provides, even when I don't pin to it. If so, what have you used for a brake?
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