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  1. I did enjoy my morning coffee and APQS FORUM. I do not like the "new" format and so I am a lost fan. Darlene
  2. Hello all. I need help with a "Grandmother's Flower Garden". My grandmother made the quilt top, but she died before it was finished. My grandmother was a little Ukranian lady, did not write or read English, but was visual and that's how she made this quilt top. It was machine pieced and now my aunt and I want to finish it, as an honour to my grandmother. She really was a stickler for finishing projects. I would appreciate having "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilts pictures posted. This way I could get some ideas on how to finish and quilt this quilt. Also, I'm a newbie. Wish me luck. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing the forums everyday. Darlene