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  1. In May 2013 you posted pics of a diagonally set log cabin with feathers.  I love it!  I'm having trouble figuring out how to stitch out the feathers diagonally.  I have a customer who wants the same effect.  Thanks for your feedback!!


  2. My 2012 has the interchangeable hopping foot and I was wondering if any of you are using the open toe foot and how do you like it? Any feed back is appreciated! Thanks!
  3. What needle size is appropriate for Superior's MonoPoly thread? Their website recommends 3.0. Has anyone used 4.0 with success? I really don't want to make any timing changes just to run this thread with a 3.0 needle. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Thank you Dawn for your help with my channel lock! Received the part yesterday. I'm off to have a fun weekend with my sisters and will put it on next week. Thanks again! Linda
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