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  1. Joan, MQX has never been to Iowa as far as I know. Their shows have been in Portland, Oregon, Manchester New Hampshire and Springfield Il . I have attended several of the shows in each city. In my humble opinion, they put on the best machine quilters show. We were in Manchester this spring and I attended 6 classes. The owners of the show are always on the show floor making sure everything is going as it should. There is always a good slate of recognized teachers with drawing classes ( which I love to take) for a very reasonable amount. Hands on classes are not for me, and too expensive. They also have very interesting special exhibits. I think this organization really strives to put on a quality show. Their shows are Manchester, New Hampshire in the spring and Springfield, Illinois in the fall
  2. Yes, this would be my suggestion. When Dave has been here, I can't tell you how much better my machine moves. I have an Older Millie with M & M wheels. I have no problem moving my machine overall, so I am always so surprised how much lighter it feels when Dave fine tunes it. Also, have you cleaned your wheels? If I feel like it is a little sluggish, I clean my wheels by running them over several layers of cotton batting. You won't believe the junk that comes off! I also clean my rails at the same time. These are great machines. You will find the solution from the people here or the company.
  3. Angela, what was the slight modification you made to the leader grips. If I am reading your quote correctly, it would seem that your adjustment was more important than just a slight adjustment. I have been on the fence about these products and any clarification would help. Thanks
  4. Congratulations Kay! You are right. It is a beautiful quilt. However, It was was only a top before you quilted it. What magic you added to it! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I have a very early millennium with the old style foot. I am planning on changing out my foot in the next couple of weeks. I'm going to have my husband do it. He has taken care of any repairs/updating to my machine from the beginning. APQS is really great with information and help when it comes to doing your own repair work on your machines. Thanks APQS for being a true partner with us!
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