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  1. Oh Gosh Heidi! My prayers are with you and the family. What beautiful babies!
  2. Joan, MQX has never been to Iowa as far as I know. Their shows have been in Portland, Oregon, Manchester New Hampshire and Springfield Il . I have attended several of the shows in each city. In my humble opinion, they put on the best machine quilters show. We were in Manchester this spring and I attended 6 classes. The owners of the show are always on the show floor making sure everything is going as it should. There is always a good slate of recognized teachers with drawing classes ( which I love to take) for a very reasonable amount. Hands on classes are not for me, and too expensive
  3. Thank goodness my grandchildren seem understand the importance of their quilts from Grandma. They are 6,4 and 2. I think their mom had a lot to do with them understanding how cool it is to get something handmade. Dylan (6) was playing the other day with some binder clips and he explained that these were "quilt aliens" and the eat quilt fabric! Only the words were pronounce quilt " aweons" and quilt "fabwic". Just cracked me up. I hope I can remember the sound of his sweet little boy voice till the day I die.
  4. Either one, boys, girls, one of each, I wish your family lively healthy babies! However, my husband's brother has 6 granddaughters and another on the way! Girl power!.
  5. I'm going to MQX. Can't wait to see it in person. Just stunning!
  6. I use it on show quilts and love it! Runs beautifully and looks great when you have to do some dense quilting. You will be amazed how it looks.
  7. What a wonderful addition to the family! Congratulations to all!
  8. This is how I straighten out Quilters Dream Request or Select. I have several customers who will not use any other batting so I had to find a way straighten those batings. Like Linda S. I roll the quilt sandwich but leave it a little slack. Then I gently tug the batting and the top together to keep the batting from "cupping," Then I tighten the sandwich. The top becomes the stabilizer for the batting. This has saved my sanity and I no longer get those dang cups in the batting. Hopefully this is the answer you were looking for.
  9. Six of us are driving from Dayton, Ohio. 3 Longarm quilters and 3 domestic quilters. I have a full slate of classes as usual LOL. I love to learn from all the new teachers because you never know what awesome idea they will bring to class! This is our second trip to MQX east. We have attended in Portland, Illinois and New Hampshire. Janet Lee and Mary put on a professional show! I can't say enough about what a great experience it is. There are many classes to satisfy all skill level of quilters. An added bonus is overall the comfortable feeling throughout the entire show. Everyone
  10. Here is a very good article. Just google "insure quilts" and you will find more. If I do not have an appraisal on a quilt of my own that I ship to a show, I do not waste my money on buying insurance. That being said, I pray a lot! LOL http://www.quiltweek.com/insuring-quilt-might-enough/
  11. Wow! All I can say is I am so impressed with the outcome. Yea for you Vicki! And god bless a reasonable customer!
  12. You All crack me up.! Better make it 1 out of 10 as I am now signing up!
  13. Wow Teresa! I just looked at that video and that foot is really cool. I want one for our machines. APQS Pleezzee!
  14. If they would just keep track of the ruler, scissors, marker, that I JUST HAD IN MY HAND I would be a happy camper! Dang Faries
  15. Good Luck at the State Fair! Congrats on this ribbon! Can't wait to see the pictures. Chris
  16. wow! Slides and everything! We have not had show and tell for two months so my presentation has to be short and sweet! I will have the latest raffle quilt to show so that will be exciting. I will post it on here as soon as I finish quilting it.
  17. Vicki, your story has given me courage! I am scheduled to give a talk to our guild in August. "How to prepare your quilt for the longarmer". (or "Be kind to your longarm quilter.") I keep going over the talk in my head. Again, and again, and again. Woo, I will be glad when this is over! Congratulations on your successful talk!. Chris
  18. Heidi, Is your fridge a Samsung? My friend Anna has a two year old Samsung and is is currently not keeping anything cold. This is after they had to replace the ice-maker in it shortly after it was purchased. chris
  19. Wonderful quilting Heidi! Congratulations!
  20. Hi Pamela, We are having our first planning meeting on July 4th, In my humble opinion, there is always room for more ideas and sharing. The only question is having a space to meet if we have a large group. But I think I have a plan for that! Let me contact you after this initial meeting and we will go on from there. I look forward to meeting you! Chris
  21. Thank you all for your informative answers. I am going to look like a very smart person at our first meeting to organize this group. Linda, I have a feeling we are going to try to keep it pretty casual. Hopefully no one who joins has a burr up their behind. LOL Teresa, I must have typed the wrong city in before. Quite a difference in distance! I will keep you in the loop. Thanks David, our group will be much smaller I think, but it sounds like you have joined a good organization!
  22. Teresa, I will certainly let you know when we get this organized! I would be more than happy to put you up at our house. We are just organizing, so it may take a while to get it together. I have two sisters who live in Tennessee, but they are in Cookeville. LOL I just looked this up and you are only about 19 miles from Cookeville. Small world. Chris
  23. We are starting a long arm group in Southwest Ohio, (Dayton, Xenia, Centerville area) and I am looking for ideas from other long arm groups as to what you do in your meetings, activities, education ect. Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks!!
  24. lol, obviously, this picture is not when it was hanging at NQA! I just noticed the skirt hangers holding it up! That was from our local guild show where she took best of show. Thanks for all the kind remarks. This lady is truly talented!
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