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  1. My Customer Marcia Switzer entered her quilt in the Large Quilt Duet category at the NQA Little Rock Show. She won a third place ribbon! Yea! so happy for us! LOL Her applique is incredible. I am so blessed she lets me quilt for her! IMG_20140503_085553 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr Click into the photo for additional pictures.
  2. I call them thread buggers. I always sweep under the tension tongue with a pin when I change every bobbin....Now...don't ask me how many times it took me to make that part of the auto checklist.
  3. Does anyone know if the Mono Poly Bobbins work in the APQS machines. They are a hard plastic bobbin and are an "L". size. Thanks!
  4. I agree with everything you said about our Millies! Awesome quilting!
  5. Wow, I love the all! I would do overall on all but No. 2 That one is worth spending the time to custom! Lucky lady your are!
  6. Yes, run from any colored chalk. Oh I could tell you about the yellow chalk! Not a good story. I would use the blue marker and flush the entire quilt with cool water when finished. I have never had it come back. For temporary marking I use the purple pens and remove as soon as I quilt it with a little water. If I can, I use a sharpened crayola chalk stick. White only!!!! I would never, never ever use a frixon pen.
  7. LOL Had my morning laugh for the day! You are quite the comedian David. I too think you better keep her. And by the way, I am sure she was thinking that exercise is very important for your heart health. Next she will be having you go on a scavenger hunt for all your quilting tools. Also, I have quilts hanging ALL over my house! Even in the bathroom.
  8. Yea Joyce! It looks wonderful. I am still looking and petting mine! LOL
  9. Sometimes the only way to avoid a pleat is to take the border off and restitch. I have done this more times than I like to mention, but it makes the customer happy and me happy in the long run. Sometimes it just involves restitching a partial border, Not so hard. You may be able to push and shove that bottom edge into less of a curve. Linda's advice to isolate and ease is a really good one. Is it a bed quilt? After it is bound, the curved edge will be much less noticeable. And if you have to pleat, try not to do so right in the curve. No need to bring attention to that area. Go
  10. Ok, so where are you finding sewers aid these days? I had to purchase my last bottle at MQX. Linda, have you used it with superbobs if you remove the cardboard? I usually remove at least the cardboard side toward the check spring. \
  11. Wow, Vicki, that is really strange. I am curious if anyone else has encountered this. My sister had an antique quilt that had fabric that glowed in the dark! You just never know what you will find with these old fabrics.
  12. I was thinking the same thing! MY husband is the MacGyver of many things too LOL
  13. Just a thought. I have never done this, but what about stabilizing the thinned fabrics with a very light iron on stabilizer. Since you are removing the backing and batting you will have complete access to the back. You can applique new fabric over the worst of the shattered fabric areas. If he wants to use the quilt this may be an option. Good Luck, I hope you can restore his treasure. Be sure to let us know how this turns out!
  14. Yes, this would be my suggestion. When Dave has been here, I can't tell you how much better my machine moves. I have an Older Millie with M & M wheels. I have no problem moving my machine overall, so I am always so surprised how much lighter it feels when Dave fine tunes it. Also, have you cleaned your wheels? If I feel like it is a little sluggish, I clean my wheels by running them over several layers of cotton batting. You won't believe the junk that comes off! I also clean my rails at the same time. These are great machines. You will find the solution from the people here or th
  15. That is my go to thread! I use bottom line bobbins also.
  16. Doesn't it make you feel good when you look at what you did and can say AHH! Well Done! I love the numbers scattered across the white.
  17. Thank you Dawn, I will call. I'm so glad to hear there is a solution to the problem. I should have called in the first place, but I was so frustrated at the time. The back of the shaft pushes against the ruler causing it to move with each each stroke of the machine. I am sure this also causes the stitching line to be larger than than the stitching line on the front or side of the foot. Thanks for your response.
  18. Lynn, will do! I look forward to contacting Mr Bill about the foot. I will pass on your howdy doo!. I strive to give my customers the best quilting job I can. That is why I chose APQS. Though this foot bobble is disappointing, I still know I have a great machine from a good company supporting me and my machine. Pat - I had Dave Jones replace my foot for me when he was here to do a spa treatment. I had no desire to get into all that cutting and retiming. I save all those scary jobs for him when he comes. He does a great job for me every time! I did not buy the open toe foot, but I
  19. Zeke, how do you do go around 360? Does your foot have that bump out in the back of the foot where the shaft connects? Linda, yes, I will have my husband grind it down and see if that works. Vicki, My problem is that the areas I want to crosshatch are very large diamonds surrounding a circular center. As I work through the quilt, I have to use every side of the foot. I have been just marking the areas where I would have to use the back of the foot. I feel like the distance between lines are different if I mark them as opppsed to using the foot against the ruler. UGG! I can'