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  1. I have an older Millie and recently had the interchangeable feet installed. I have been so looking forward to using a "real" 1/4 inch foot. The old style foot had a thin pan style foot that did not have the needle centered in the foot. So I have this really intense crosshatch quilt to do and I go to use the back of the foot and the shaft is in the way. The way the foot is designed, you do not have 360 access to the quarter inch! URGGGG! I am so disappointed and frustrated! Do other people have this problem or am I trying to use the foot incorrectly. Why was this designed this way!
  2. Yes, I believe you are correct Lynn. Two different types of stars.
  3. Dave Jones retro fitted my older Mille when he was here for a spa treatment this summer. Love the new feet!
  4. Heidi, I will keep her and your family in my prayers too. We have to protect the children.
  5. I purchased mine at Lows, around 20 dollars like Oma said. I just bought one and if I turn it upside down, it will slide very easily along my indoor outdoor carpet (over cement) I love the mat! I would buy more if I thought I needed them. Great Buy
  6. Wow Rita, you are brave. I would never try to remove her lines. No in my job description! LOL I would give that headache back to the customer to deal with it.
  7. Oh Debbie, I am looking for a Davis! I live in Dayton Ohio and they were manufactured here in my old neighborhood in 1889 to 1924. I would love to own one of these machines. Some day I will find one closer to home.
  8. I use Superior super bobs all the time. Occasionally the cardboard on the side toward the check spring gets chewed up. I just take it of and put the bobbin back in with no problems.
  9. I always look forward to seeing your quilting LIbby. Just Luscious!
  10. I always look forward to opening your posts. I know there will be beautiful quilting there! Thanks for sharing.
  11. yes, I'd say you never forgot your balance. Don't tease us so. Make sure to show us the entire quilt when your are finished. I'm so happy your are back! Beautiful so far!
  12. The panto is perfect for your quilt! Love the sherbet colors. I think you accomplished both objectives. It is a very pretty quilt! I'm loving scrappy quilts these days.
  13. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Rita. I hope thing settle down for you. Chris
  14. Dave, you need to bring a copy of the article when you come to Ohio in July!
  15. Wow Dell! That is beautiful. I have an antique top like that also. I am so going to steal your idea if that is Ok? Your are executing the design perfectly!
  16. What a fun quilt to work on. I love fall quilts! Beautiful job to you and your customer!
  17. Been there, done that! I do the same thing Lynn does. She is right, it is a pain, but with a pattern like Labyrinth, it is worth fixing. When you get to putting in the quilting, just draw your design in and fix it with your domestic if you are not comfortable with freehand on your longarm. NO one will ever know but you! Good Luck!
  18. Bonnie, I think I have used the same pieces for ever. Great stuff
  19. I keep horses close to my heart. I love what I have seen in yours! I have many horse quilts in my head. Maybe someday. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.