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  1. Rainbow from Superior Threads. It plays well with my machine! I am not fond of King Tut. I really like a finer thread. It looks like I will have to look into Lava soon though. So Fine is my go to thread overall so I am really happy to see that it is available in variegated colors. Chris
  2. Thank you Madilyn. I was able to delete the post in the other forum. Now my face is much less red! Linda, I keep a washcloth and a bottle of distilled water (we are on a well and our water has lot of rust) on hand when I do use the blue markers. I wipe them off as soon as I can and then double check after the spot has dried. Sometimes I have found that I have to repeat that process several times to completely remove the blue. I use these markers on my own quilts because I know that I will completely flush out any extra ink that may have sunk into the batting. And yes, I mark as light
  3. Oh for pete's sake! I posted this question in the wrong forum. So here it goes again. I would like to start a discussion of which marking tools you all like to use. I use white chalk and white pounce power whenever possible. Blue and purple markers if it is ok with my customers. Are there new items available to us that you all know of? I have been reading the forum for several weeks and continue to be amazed at the wealth of knowledge shared in this forum. Thank you all for your generosity. Chris
  4. I use wooden dowel rods or a handy dandy yardstick. Always at hand!
  5. I love to barter with my customers. Sometime I have bartered for a quilt top just like the one I quilted for the customer! What a great design on a cute little baby quilt! chris
  6. Bonnie, would you be so kind as to explain "skinning " I tried to search it in the foums, but nothing came up. Thanks! Chris