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  1. lol some typos are just too funny. I recently had a top that was made of hand dyed fabric. The backing was two pieces of hand dyed and larger all around by one inch. I was able to sew extra fabric to all sides and quilt within the backing area. Fortunately, the borders were wide enough that if needed, we could cut off some of the border after it was quilted. It is not easy to place the quilt exactly in the center. Go for a different backing if you can.
  2. When I am looking for another type of feather, I start drawing on my white board and just experiment! I needed a "crystal like feather for a snow dyed quilt I'm working on and I think I was able to draw what I needed. The fun thing about the white board is that if you hate it, one swipe and it is history! LOL
  3. Oh! do I have the product for you. I was working on a customer quilt and I got spot of black grease on the quilt. I used Sew Clean by Bear Threads Design. Here is the number to call to order. 281 462-0661. My bottle is several years old so I am not sure if this a good number or not. I purchased this from Pam Clark in a class I took from her. This is the same product Jamie Wallen uses to remove blue marker. I just sprayed a little in a lid and used a q-tip to daub the spot. It was like magic!. Yellow fabric with black grease! There was not trace of the grease! By daubing the spot,
  4. You will fall in love with your machine again after Dave has serviced it. He was here two years ago and we are planning to ask him back this summer to service 4 machines in our area again! You will not find a better technician to service your machine.
  5. I love Jamie's straight edge ruler. It is so easy to hold. And, it does not get lost on your quilt top because the part you hold on to is purple! The" working part of the ruler is clear so you can see the registration lines.
  6. Bless you Lucy for your kindness. I have truly found quilters have great loving hearts. Sometimes I feel such disappointment when I see what people do to each other on the news. Hearing of such wonderful acts to kindness like this renews my hope in mankind. Shalom. Chris
  7. Oh!! Light bulb time! The mention of the side clamps helped a lot. I will try this when and if I come up short again. Lets hope this is not in my near future. Thanks every one!
  8. Wow, my bobbin winder has a pound of dust on it! Pre-wounds rule!!!! I prefer Superior Super Bobs. I purchase Fil-tec Magna Glide bobbins in the beginning when all they had were the shiny thread in the prewounds. Do not like it. Perhaps they have regular thread prewounds now, I have not been to the site for a long time. Not thrilled with the price either. I really like all the colors available from Superior.
  9. Sorry, I am a very visual person, and this is what I am seeing. You are under the quilt trying to pin the extra piece upside down while sitting on the floor? LOL Please tell me no! I have always unpinned the whole dang thing and would love to understand how this works. Thanks
  10. Lol, a large knitting needle works like a charm taped to the top of the machine! I have had my millie for 13 years and it is the only horizontal thread holder I have ever had. Obviously I am getting NO knitting done.
  11. Oh Beth Ann, my heart goes out to you! I think the suggestion of re-writing the messages is a good one. Talk to your friend and then both of you can decide how to proceed.
  12. I like the overall feather in the log cabins. Debbie's border treatments sound perfect. Lots of fancy quilting in the outer border will not show up at all. Piano keys are a perfect balance for all the curves in the overall feathers. Looking forward to seeing your finish.
  13. Glad to hear that Joan. I think you will find some days you just can't face working on the machine, and other days you can't wait to get started. Both are so normal. Sometimes I have a quilt that is just plain boring and it is hard for me to want to work on it. Enjoy the good days and have chocolate on the difficult ones.
  14. Mandy, here is the link to the video Rita mentioned.
  15. Nice to hear from you Joy! Enjoy the forum!
  16. I don't know. Not having seen it or touched it, I would be more inclined to treat it as a hand guided overall so I could avoid those thick areas. With a panto, you have pretty much no control over where that needle will cross the thick areas. 8 layers seems like a lot of thickness to me. You could bring a swirly design into the flowers from the outside points and avoid the thick center altogether. Good luck, let us know who it turned out!
  17. Thanks Linda for posting the pictures. We can all learn from your experience. Perseverance in using the skills we all have but sometimes doubt. Each customer quilt we do teaches us something about our craft. What a wonderful outcome! Coming out on the positive side from a potentially negative situation just confirms to me that I made the right decision to become a machine quilter.
  18. love, love .love DeLoa's books. Money well spent for a newbie.