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  1. I really try to purchase fabrics at a local quilt shop, but it is difficult for the local shops to compete with the online prices. My two favorite online sites are Thousands of Bolts and one Nut and Fat Quarter Shop. Others have commented about Thousands of bolts and One Nut -- and said it loud and clear - great service, good prices, great variety and a great program to help with color selections and designs. With a click you can see all colors available in a particular pattern. Good sales are also offered.

    The Fat Quarter Shop has wonderful fabrics and they are masters in combining fabrics for BOM and quilt kits. When ordered fabrics arrive, they are packaged like wonderful gifts. I have had excellent service from this vendor.


  2. What makes people do stuff like this, you ask? Mean, selfish, lonely, evil, and heartless! I will add success in finding your trailer and goods to my pray list.

    God can do all things! I am truly sorry for your grief, worry and loss!

    Gosh knows, quilters are generous people and probably would have helped the thief if need was the true motive.

    Looking forward to stitching this afternoon on my new Lucey. Gosh, what fun!!! I can't wait to post a picture of a quilt complete! Watch for it!


  3. Yes, yes, yes, I must have your book. I am looking forward to curling up with a well used quilt to read and learn, then rush to my machine to practice, practice, and practice. How do I pay etc. CiCi

    Speaking of machine - My new Lucey has been delivered and set up. She is so pretty and so much bigger in my sewing room. Sylvia, it is not a studio any more - the room is full. Lucey with Bliss is mine!!!! I am a blessed happy quilter. CiCi

    Thanks Linda for your space to shout about my new Lucey!

  4. On my Lenni - I had a red rubber cap on the end of a screw that tightened the cap on the pole and prevented the poles from moving. After time the knobs and the red end caps striped and would not hold the poles tight. After trying several different fixes with no success - I called APQS and purchased two new and different brakes. They work like a charm and keep the poles tight! The cost of the change was very reasonable!

    I called and placed my order on a Monday afternoon and the postman delivered my new brakes on Wednesday. This is just another example of that wonderful service from APQS!

    Good luck with whatever your do. Cici

  5. It seems that we have a large number of military famlies on our forum. I thank all of the the famlies and their sons, daughters, Moms, and Dads! I too, have a son that always wanted to be in the military. You will be hearing more about him and his family before his deployment in January for a year away. As soon as I finish a quilt for him, I'll post a picture and share additional information.

    As I pray for my son, Rob and his family, I will remember to pray for the forum families and military members.


  6. Your Winter Quilt is amazing! Everything is so neat and precise! Did you "really" do all of the embroidery work? It would have taken me years to finish all of it. You did a great job and it is fantastic and I love the quilting that accents the snow around the snowman, sleds etc.

    On your we site I saw the quilt made with selvage edges. (I love selveges and have a collection.) Did you just lay one on top of another and stitch? Did you use a 'real' pattern of just make up your own. Whatever, I love this piece of work. Can't wait till my collection is large enough to create a masterpiece like yours.

    Thanks, CiCi

  7. I arrived home after being in India for two weeks - opened my APQS forum to see what I had missed and BOY what a shock! I too, will need some time to learn how to use everything! I can't wait to post pictures - sure hope it is easier. Looks good - the change is good for all of us. Glad to be back home to my quilting and the forum.


  8. JoAnn,

    I have my 08 Lenni for sale. It is listed on the forum under "machines for sale" and is listed by CiCi. I purchased this machine from Sylvia B. and she also

    comments about this machine. I am selling Lenni because I am making a upgrade. The machine makes a beautiful stitch and I have not had any problems with tension. You will find my e-mail address with the listing. I live in New Orleans but shipping is not a problem. If you are interested in the machine, I can obtain a shipping price from my zip code to yours. I look forward to hearing from you. Charlotte Landry (aka CiCi)

  9. Thursday - not quilt on my frame because I took one of my Halloween quilts off. Yea! one of the four is finished, that is all except the binding. My other today project is getting clothes for me and DH to pack for upcoming trip. Next Thursday we will be flying to Chicago and then to Delhi, India. My eyes will be on the look out for fabrics. Friends form Calgary, Canada will meet us in India and all four of us are bouncing from the walls with joy. Anyone else been to India and found good fabrics? I'll miss the forum next Thursday and having a look at the lives of other quilters.


  10. Gail,

    I have the book and CD for caring, cleaning etc written by Dave McCallum. I think they are very good, great pictures and diagrams. His instructions are very well written, very clear to understand. I use mine often, any time I have a question or when I want to clean, oil or do anything else to my feather weight machines. I have two, black one and white one. I use my black one to do all of my piece work. I think you could do without the CD, but the book is great. Hope this helps.


  11. I so glad that Dawn is up and alert at nine a.m. She saved your machine, your mind, and a big Dr. bill. I bet the good Dr. would not have been able to tell you want was wrong. Even so, Barb, I loved your advice. I can confess that many times I take 2 aspirins and a diet coke break before I get back to my friend Lenni.

    Way To Go APQS!! I'm so glad the staff and entire work force are so knowledgeable and pleased to share. The service is worth buying APQS!


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