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  1. Give yourself a choice: 1) you can quilt OR 2) you can clean out the basement,OR clean and rearrange all kitchen cabinets, OR rearrange and clean the garage, OR paint the room that has needed a paint job for a long time OR cook Thanksgiving Dinner and put it in the freezer! I know what I would do!!!! CiCi
  2. Terri, You describe a design: Do you make this design from the "A Little Bit of Everything". I would love to see this on a quilt or maybe a drawing. Thanks, CiCi
  3. Libby and Heidi - I am happy and optimistic about my Quiltazoid. The unit I purchased came with the double sided 1" and 1/2" cross hatch board and the 1/4" board. Excited that they are favorites! Part of the package was also "Little bit of everything" a three other boards. I did stitch most of the designs tonight and anxious to master the tricks of the Quiltazoid. CiCi
  4. I just purchased a quiltazoid. I met the husband of the owner in a near town and we exchanged goods and money. We both were feeling rather like some who exchange illegal goods. We were at the Cracker Barrel in broad daylight. I've had it on the machine - did not stitch anything because I had a quilt on my frame. I can't wait to stitch and will be anxious to hear what all of you say about your most used templates. Thanks
  5. The scary creatures of Halloween will never be mean to you if they see this wonderful work of art! You certainly made them look great. I hope the goblins come to your door with a huge Trick or Treat bag to say "Thanks - Great Job - You make us proud!" (I'm jealous as usual) CiCi
  6. I was lucky and bought 2 from e-Bay. One was clean, well packed and at a good price. The second one, white, was not clean and polished when it arrived, well packed and sews just fine. I do all of my piece work on the little black one and love, love, love it. But, if you have one you know what it means to love your Featherweight. It has lots of travel miles and hotel stays since coming to me. David McCallum has written a textbook on the Featherweight. This text has wonderful diagrams and instructions on how to do anything and everything regarding to Featherweight machines. He believes
  7. I've looked at 'wood' quilting and now bamboo. I do wish you quilters on the forum would slow down. I'll never catch up to the rest of you. I'm still working on basics. Oh boy, I'm trying, but still in Kindergarten compared to the rest of you. The wood and bamboo are just great, great, great!!
  8. Rose, I have never seen quilted wood. Boy, do I love the look!! Your quilting is awesome - so neat, sharp and clean looking! Great Job. CiCi
  9. Well, I getting ready to start a patriotic quilt to give to my son when he deploys in January. Myrna, your quilt is wonderful and as usual the quilting is soooo good. I will post my quilt when I finish, but please everyone promise you will not look at the quilting. Remember, I'm a newbie!! Thanks to all of you who keep me working, reading, and calculating so that I can become like all of you. I love the process and I love this forum. Wow, I have learned some "good stuff" from all of you. Thanks, CiCi
  10. I wish I could do applique - Heck, I just wish I could piece and quilt like so many of you. This quilt, (my colors) is just gorgeous! If you ask me, you can name it anything you wish - IT IS YOURS and IT IS beautiful! CiCi
  11. PattyC My heart just fell to my feet. I will be praying for you as you meet Michael's needs as he begins radiation and chemo. Our God always keeps his promises. He tells us that He will never leave nor forsake us. Try to hold on to this promise. I will pray for painless and successful treatments for Michael. A praying forum member - just for you and Michael. CiCi
  12. " Stash, what stash? Oh no, it is fabric that I have had a long time and most of it came from my mother or my sister. They had way too much. See, I'm not like that! " If I practice, I can say all of this and not even get a smile on my face. DH doesn't even think that I bring fabric into the house. For all he knows, it just appears! CiCi
  13. THE QUILTING - nothing could be finer! I think this quilt would be worth having a baby. Just beautiful!! I have to say. "Quilting like this just makes me jealous and green with envy. OMG
  14. Love, love, love the quilt. Your stitching just made it more attractive. Colors - WONDERFUL!
  15. Done and glad to vote for your great work! CiCi
  16. Holy Smoke, not me!! The important question - Did it damage the quilt if you had one on the frame??? I can't imagine your reaction. Did the smoke go away when you unplugged it? Smell, usually there is a terrible smell with a burn like this - have any? The good news, you were at home, not in the local fabric shop and you heard the noise and reacted quickly. Blessing can be found in odd and strange ways. Good luck with the Millie clean up and repair. Did you maker her mad or angry?? Ok girls and guys, let's speak nicely to our APQS friends. CiCi
  17. Cheri, How does all of this happen? Why does it happen to 'me.' It seems that we always wonder how can I be forgotten, how come it is my family and ME that has a life so full of trouble. We may wonder, feel lost, tired and forgotten. Yet, isn't is wonderful to brush all of this away and just give it to God. It is hard to give it all to God, but isn't it wonderful that we can. Give your thoughts, your hurt, and even your anger to the one that really cares and can carry you through all. I mus believe what someone else said on the forum. You may not be the one called to help your si
  18. Can I be your friend???? I won't be picky-I'll talk a quilt in any color or design!!! Beautiful, beautiful work. Your friend will be sooooo excited. CiCi
  19. I love my featherweight!!!! I use it more than any of my other sewing machines. It travels and flies with me a lot, probably qualifies for frequent flyer miles. My precious machine has even flown up near the captain because I did not want it in overhead storage. Love it, love it, love it! You made agreat deal - lucky you! - Enjoy CiCi
  20. The quilt is so exact. Your quilting is wonderful. You certainly know how to vary your stitching designs. Outstanding job!
  21. The applique is beautiful, but certainly does not out-shine the quilting.
  22. You could easily fool me! First quilt you say??? I wonder if my work is this good. You did a wonderful job. Keep it up and I think you could be looking at a ribbon! Keep stitching. CiCi
  23. I like, I like - It would sure make me stop - it sure catches my eye!!!!!!!!!
  24. My Lenni is placed with a ceiling fan over 1/3 end. I have never had a problem. Gee, I hope I remember this in case the worse every happens. Thanks for posting about your experience. CiCi