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  1. Libby and Heidi - I am happy and optimistic about my Quiltazoid. The unit I purchased came with the double sided 1" and 1/2" cross hatch board and the 1/4" board. Excited that they are favorites! Part of the package was also "Little bit of everything" a three other boards.

    I did stitch most of the designs tonight and anxious to master the tricks of the Quiltazoid.


  2. I just purchased a quiltazoid. I met the husband of the owner in a near town and we exchanged goods and money. We both were feeling rather like some who exchange illegal goods. We were at the Cracker Barrel in broad daylight. I've had it on the machine - did not stitch anything because I had a quilt on my frame. I can't wait to stitch and will be anxious to hear what all of you say about your most used templates.


  3. I was lucky and bought 2 from e-Bay. One was clean, well packed and at a good price. The second one, white, was not clean and polished when it arrived, well packed and sews just fine. I do all of my piece work on the little black one and love, love, love it. But, if you have one you know what it means to love your Featherweight. It has lots of travel miles and hotel stays since coming to me. David McCallum has written a textbook on the Featherweight. This text has wonderful diagrams and instructions on how to do anything and everything regarding to Featherweight machines. He believes that anyone who owns a 221 should know how to clean, maintain and repair your little baby. I have used my copy since 2009. He also sells a 2-disc DVD set titled "Those Fantastic Featherweights" ($49.95) Mr. McCallum travels the US and teaches classes about the total care of Featherweights.

    I love my book! David and his wife are both quilters. Easily found at "Featherweight RX" if you missed it when JoAnn shared the name.


  4. Well, I getting ready to start a patriotic quilt to give to my son when he deploys in January. Myrna, your quilt is wonderful and as usual the quilting is soooo good. I will post my quilt when I finish, but please everyone promise you will not look at the quilting. Remember, I'm a newbie!!

    Thanks to all of you who keep me working, reading, and calculating so that I can become like all of you. I love the process and I love this forum. Wow, I have learned some "good stuff" from all of you. Thanks, CiCi

  5. PattyC

    My heart just fell to my feet. I will be praying for you as you meet Michael's needs as he begins radiation and chemo. Our God always keeps his promises. He tells us that He will never leave nor forsake us. Try to hold on to this promise. I will pray for painless and successful treatments for Michael. A praying forum member - just for you and Michael. CiCi

  6. Holy Smoke, not me!! The important question - Did it damage the quilt if you had one on the frame??? I can't imagine your reaction. Did the smoke go away when you unplugged it? Smell, usually there is a terrible smell with a burn like this - have any?

    The good news, you were at home, not in the local fabric shop and you heard the noise and reacted quickly. Blessing can be found in odd and strange ways. Good luck with the Millie clean up and repair. Did you maker her mad or angry?? Ok girls and guys, let's speak nicely to our APQS friends. CiCi

  7. Cheri,

    How does all of this happen? Why does it happen to 'me.' It seems that we always wonder how can I be forgotten, how come it is my family and ME that has a life so full of trouble. We may wonder, feel lost, tired and forgotten. Yet, isn't is wonderful to brush all of this away and just give it to God. It is hard to give it all to God, but isn't it wonderful that we can. Give your thoughts, your hurt, and even your anger to the one that really cares and can carry you through all. I mus believe what someone else said on the forum. You may not be the one called to help your siblings. Let God prepare others to minister and care for them. Open up and let God minister to you. I will pray for peace, rest and trust for you.

    Just a friend because God arranged our paths to meet on the forum. CiCi

  8. Originally posted by CiCiPRICE REDUCED -- $7000.00 -- NOW -- $6500.color]]Lucey has been ordered - Lenni must go! ! !This quilting system is in excellent condition and will include the following: 20 inch throat machineOn-demand automatic stitch regulator10ft. adjustable height steel table$300+ APQS bobbin winderBack-mount laserComplete original manual and instructional CDMachine packed in original box if shipped$500+ value 10 ft. overhead light bar which secures to tableLocated in the New Orleans areaEmail CiCi at