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  1. Mary, This is too cute and too adorable. Better than anything I've seen from Disney. Great Job! CiCi
  2. PRICE REDUCED -- $7000.00 NOW -- $6500 Lucey has been ordered - Lenni must go! ! SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yes, what a silly question! OWN it, wow, I would love to own it or one like it!!!! You brought up a thought I was just thinking - you know your friend and your customer. Let your thoughts about each guide some of your thinking. CiCi
  4. Toes and a beautiful quilt. Your toes - are those crowns?? You can be my queen of quilting any day! Does one lust over a quilt????
  5. The entire quilt is fabulous. Your stitching really makes the snow and wind look so real with the swirls. For a moment I thought it was not in the ninety degrees outside. CiCi
  6. Sylvia - I,ll send up prayers today for you and your family. Don;t hesitate to call me if you need anything. I'm just a few miles away. Give Mike my love and share my concerns for him and all of the family. Take care of yourself! I need you to be healthy so that I can learn all of your quilting secrets. Ha, Ha! Love ya Girl Friend! CiCi
  7. OK Louisiana gals and guys - do we have a group that could get together and and be a brancg of the Moxies? If you let me know, I will keep a list and let you know what kind of response or interest there is. CiCi - Slidell, LA
  8. Beautiful, beautiful!!!! Some of you quilters are making me green with envy! I keep seeing gorgeous stitching work and I am just in awe. You'll keep me wondering if I'll ever stitch with beautiful skill! I'm just going to keep stitching and tell myself, "You did good." CiCi
  9. I'm relatively new to this forum and so happy to have all of you. The laughs are great. Hospital story from me; my late husband was in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery. The nurse gave him permission to stand by the sink, brush his teeth and wash up. While standing there, he asked me to "Please hand me a wash cloth so I can wash my 'used to be privates'. Funny to me!
  10. Go Girlfriend! You post pictures and tell us everything about this beautiful, adorable baby boy. How do you keep your hands off of him? Does this mean that we can't quilt together because you are rocking Cade? Cogratulations, CiCi
  11. You are so calm! The fire looks very close to me. Watch and take care. I'll be praying for you, the area, and all of the many families who have lost so much. CiCi
  12. Susan, I'm late in joining in, but had to comment that, "I love your pink quilt." That quilt would have to be a 'mine' quilt also. Your work space reminds me of a candy shop. Every where you touch - it is something good. Keep stitching! CiCi
  13. The BACK, the BACK, the BACK - just a beautiful quilt if you look at the back. I only dream of quilting something that is this gorgeous on the back. If the quilt were mine - the front would always be bed side down. CICI
  14. Ardella, I think the straight lines are perfect for the quilted design. Even though the pieced star is bright colors, I think the quilting makes it just 'jump' off the top of the quilt. Beautiful work!! CiCi
  15. Super, super work!!!!! I can't believe you went from "What do I do....." to "Look at my finished quilt using some of your suggestions." in such a short time. It certainly takes me more time to get from loading, stitching, then to unloading my Lenni, than you need. WOW!
  16. What a wonderful experience! You get the recognition, a ribbon and great joy. Gee, it didn't come over night, did it? Great job - be proud!!
  17. OMG - this quilt is just beautiful!! Your choices of quilting made your piecing just "shout". In turn, your piecing was the best for this quilting. Great work!
  18. Your fabric dyeing - your piecing - your quilting ---- GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only hope to gain this much skill with my quilting? You work sure makes me jealous!!!!!!! Continue to show us more. Thanks so much!! CiCi
  19. Because I have boys that BELIEVE in hunting - I agree that all babies need a few clothes made of camo! One of my sons is employed by RNT duck calls and sells a miniature call in pink or blue for several hundred dollars. Believe it or not, a very popular item. Should a have a pair sent to "whitepinesquilter?" Just Kidding! CiCi
  20. No, I'm not going, but sure wish I could meet each of you in Australia for this event. I would beg to be put in a suitcase and checked for travel: IF I could fit and weighed less the the standard travel weight. Anyway - ENJOY, ENJOY, and ENJOY!!
  21. Cheri, A common phrase I learned as a child was "Trust God." I'm trusting God to bring peace to you at this most difficult time. I'm also trusting that God will bring peace of mind, peace and freedom of pain for Elmer. I pray that you will trust God to burden our hearts to lift the both of you to His care and comfort. Remember - we care. CiCi
  22. Well, Linda I truly needed a laugh tonight! I'm was trying to prepare 4 Halloween quilts ready for quilting. It turned out to be a bigger task than I wanted today and tonight. Yes, I did say Halloween quilts. My family would really be p__p_ _ _ cupcakes and bricks if I had finished these before Halloween. I decided, I'm I not late, just early for the 2012 year. Thanks for all of the laughs and comments. I just love this group and so delighted to be a member. Enjoy your Wednesday! CiCi
  23. Linda, can I be your PT in the future? My second thought is - Can I be your anything - for a beautiful quilt like this one - it would be a win, win for me. I like others, can't wait to see it quilted. CiCi
  24. Beautiful, perfect, gorgeous, spaces could not have been filled with anything else that would come close to being as WONDERFUL!!!! My head tells me that I may never accomplish a quilt as well stitched as this. I getting up to practice right now! Thanks for showing your work.
  25. Cheri As a newbie, I quickly learned that this forum is filled with quilters who pray and care for others. I can almost feel your pain and fear. My husband died in 1995 of cancer. I was numb, scared, and full of pain. Yet, I survived. You understand survival after the death of a spouse, but to survive a second time is almost unbelievable. We can give thanks that our Lord and Savior can and will carry you through this most difficult time in your life. I will be praying for you, Elmer and your family. CiCi